Former PGA Tour commentator baffled by LIV Golf's David Feherty

Former PGA Tour commentator Gary McCord is still baffled by David Feherty's move to LIV Golf as he believes the broadcaster isn't interested in money.

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Sun, 29 Oct 2023
Former PGA Tour commentator baffled by LIV Golf's David Feherty

When David Feherty left NBC Sports and Golf Channel for LIV Golf, the commentator wasn't shy in explaining why

"I hear, 'well, it's to grow the game,' he said, referencing some of the players' excuses for signing up with the rival league. 

Then he blasted: "Bull---- they paid me a lot of money."

But according to former PGA Tour commentator Gary McCord, Feherty was never really a money guy. 

In a recent interview with Golfweek, McCord revealed he, too, was in conversations with calling the action on the breakaway tour. 

But he's too old to be travelling the globe, he told the publication.

"Feherty, he went to the evil world of LIV," he said. "One thing if you know about David Feherty is he does not give a s---t about money. And he did it for the money and I'm still trying to figure it out."

He added:

"He called me one day and he wanted me to go over there. He told Greg 'I want Gary to come on the broadcast' so I was involved with them for a long time, just decided not to do it. But David…

Of his potential role, he said: "Norman and I were talking, yea. But I'm too old to go to Bangkok, too old to go to Riyadh, too old to go to Adelaide."

McCord wasn't the only commentator LIV were trying to get on the broadcast in its early days. 

Former Open champion Darren Clarke was offered a three-year deal to be part of the team, but rejected it as he was told he would face disciplinary action. 

He did not want to jeopardise his career on the PGA Tour Champions. 

NBA legend Charles Barkley spent months flirting with LIV, too, but ultimately agreed a reported $100m contract extension with TNT. 

LIV's broadcast team sees Arlo White calling the action alongside Feherty, Dom Boulet and Jerry Folz.

Su-Ann Heng and Troy Mullins serve as on-course and feature reporters. 

Players such as Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson appear in the booth on occasion to offer insight and analysis. 

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