Golf legend Jack Nicklaus to Rory McIlroy: "Back it up a little bit"

Living golf legend Jack Nicklaus has urged Rory McIlroy to show more restraint off the tee rather than attempting to bully courses with his driving.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus to Rory McIlroy: "Back it up a little bit"
Golf legend Jack Nicklaus to Rory McIlroy: "Back it up a little bit"

There were quite a few takeaways from the recent appearance Jack Nicklaus made at the Players Championship

First there were his thoughts on the seismic changes to the PGA Tour amid the protracted schism with their LIV Golf rival. 

Last year Nicklaus admitted concern the Tour would be split in two but now he believes the circuit is in 'pretty darn good shape'. 

Nicklaus urged the establishment and LIV to sort out their issues for the benefit of the game.

The Golden Bear was speaking before Jordan Spieth confirmed the PGA Tour player directors were being urged to meet with PIF officials. 

Aside from the politics, Nicklaus was asked yet again for his thoughts about four-time major champion Rory McIlroy

McIlroy will have to face the prospect of going more than a decade without a major win if 2024 doesn't go his way. 

Nicklaus, now 83 years old, has always been a fan of the 34-year-old Northern Irishman. 

And it has completely baffled him as to why McIlroy hasn't won more than four majors. 

Nicklaus now appears to believe that McIlroy's length off the tee, whilst a blessing, is also a hindrance to his game. 

"Rory will do a little bit like he did there on 18," Nicklaus said on Golf Channel, referring to McIlroy's water ball in the first round at TPC Sawgrass.

"On occasion, puts himself in a position he really didn't need to be in. I mean, I don't want to second guess Rory because that's not my position.

"But I'd like to see Rory take advantage of what he can take advantage of; his ability to hit it long, his ability to hit it straight. 

"And when he's got some holes where he can't [do that], back it up a little bit."

Scottie Scheffler baffles Nicklaus

Nicklaus also offered his take on Scheffler

As far as he is concerned, he has never seen anyone like the 27-year-old world number one. 

"Scottie is pretty special, you're right. [Whenever I watch him] I say, 'He slipped again', and where is it? Right down the middle. 

"He has such a strange swing and such a strange follow through that you wonder how you play from there. 

"I have never seen anyone else play like that way but he does and obviously plays well. 

"When he gets to putting well, that's when he's tough."

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