PGA Tour official makes Jon Rahm claim: "That's their message"

A PGA Tour official has revealed his thoughts on Jon Rahm's LIV Golf deal and what it means for the future of men's professional golf.

PGA Tour official makes Jon Rahm claim:

Jon Rahm joining LIV Golf was "nothing more than a shot across the bow" and a "big f--- you to the Tour", according to a PGA Tour official. 

The official made the comments to ESPN in a recent report which suggested the North American circuit is closing in on multi-billion dollar deal with a consortium of U.S. sports team owners. 

The agreement with Strategic Sports Group would see the PGA Tour have more than $3bn infused into a new, for-profit entity. 

The ESPN report stated the deal with SSG would be completed and announced before the end of the year. 

Meanwhile there is a sense of urgency to bring LIV Golf's financiers, the PIF of Saudi Arabia, into the agreement with SSG.

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan was scheduled to meet PIF governor and LIV mastermind, Yasir Al-Rumayyan this week. 

Their meeting was apparently rescheduled, perhaps in light of this development. 

Rahm's decision to join LIV, for an apparent $300m, was announced on 8 December. 

According to the official, who chose to remain anonymous, his defection was instigated as a direct result of Al-Rumayyan reading about the Tour speaking to other bidders. 

"Yasir stood down for a while," the official told ESPN

He continued: "But as he kept reading about all these other suitors, I think he just decided, let's go after the Masters champion, the guy who said he wouldn't be bought for any price, and name him a price he couldn't refuse.

"The lesson here is if you have enough money, you can do whatever the f--- you want to in America.

"The Saudis have figured that out. Yasir understands that."

Tiger Woods was asked about Rahm's decision to join LIV at the PNC Championship

As far as he was concerned the noise about Rahm was 'all just speculation' until it happened. 

The 47-year-old also doubled down on his assertion a deal between all parties could be agreed by 31 December. 

PGA Tour official makes Jon Rahm claim:

"As of right now, that is our time frame and our deadline," he said just after giving one reporter a frosty response over his future with Nike

Of Rahm, the official continued: "It was nothing more than a shot across the bow.

"It was a f--- you by PIF to the tour that they can grab anyone, even the guy who was adamant about not joining.

"Three hundred million dollars is a rounding error to the Saudis.

"Their message was: 'You want to keep fighting with us, really? You want to keep talking to everyone and box us out? Good luck with that.'

"That's their message."

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