PGA Tour star tears (!) into Jon Rahm: "He broke an unwritten code"

A top 100 player in the world has torn into Jon Rahm over his LIV Golf move, insisting the Spaniard broke the unwritten rules. 

PGA Tour star tears (!) into Jon Rahm: "He broke an unwritten code"
PGA Tour star tears (!) into Jon Rahm: "He broke an unwritten code"

Jon Rahm's decision to join LIV Golf will never be forgotten. 

At least that is the verdict of a top 100 player in the Official World Golf Ranking who wrote about Rahm's LIV switch in an op-ed for GolfDigest. 

You can read the whole thing here

According to the player, a number of PGA Tour players were 'hurt' by Rahm's decision and he believes the Spaniard broke an unwritten code. 

When Rahm announced he was joining LIV officially on 8 December 2023, the Tour and PIF were in advanced discussions to ratify a peace deal. 

Part of that agreement stipulated LIV wouldn't poach any PGA Tour stars until the discussions were concluded. 

When Rahmbo signed for LIV, it was speculated it would surely be the tipping point for both tours to navigate a path forwards.

In other words, LIV aren't going anywhere and it would be in the Tour's best interest to stop bringing a knife to a gun fight. 

But the player doesn't see it that way at all Rahm and his decision will only prolong the schism. 

"He is not what got the SSG deal to the finish line," the player wrote. "Or what will bring PIF and the tour together. 

"Jon did this because he got half a billion dollars. Full stop."


PGA Tour star tears (!) into Jon Rahm:

The player also claimed Rahm 'clearly fell' for whatever Phil Mickelson was selling him. 

Rahm and the six-time major champion are close friends. It's no secret they are managed by the same company. 

The reigning Masters champion previously revealed Mickelson told him he had no need to ever join LIV. How times change. 

"It's disappointing that Jon couldn't see through the charade," the player added. 

Explained the player:

"Jon hurt a lot of us by what he did, and even if the tour is in a slightly better shape post-SSG deal, that hurts towards Jon remains. 
"I do hope this fight between the tour and LIV ends soon, and if Jon comes back, I'll still treat him with respect. 
"But pros aren't good at forgetting, and Jon's defection is something we'll remember."

For his part Rahm has addressed his decision to join LIV Golf at length. 

Of course, he hasn't tried to shy away from the fact that he was well compensated. He's never told us the exact figure he was paid.  

The most recent defence of his decision to join LIV came in an interview with ESPN. 

Over the course of that interview, Rahm said winning the Masters made his decision easier. 

He said Rory McIlroy was supportive of his decision but Tiger Woods had a completely different reaction

Rahm stated his desire to continue playing on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour if allowed. 

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