Reporter goes after PGA Tour star Justin Thomas: "They don't want the scrutiny"

Alan Shipnuck has responded to comments made by Justin Thomas on behalf of PGA Tour players who are 'sick' of the journalist peddling 'negative' stories.

Reporter goes after PGA Tour star Justin Thomas: "They don't want the scrutiny"
Reporter goes after PGA Tour star Justin Thomas: "They don't want the…

A few months ago, Justin Thomas came out swinging at the media for peddling what he viewed was negative and inaccurate reports about the PGA Tour-LIV Golf divide. 

The first time he did so, it was after Golfweek's Eamon Lynch reported Patrick Cantlay was leading a 'coup d'état' against the 6 June framework agreement between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf's backers, the Saudi PIF. 

Golfweek reported no hat Pat wasn't happy with the agreement because it would lose the players' leverage against the tour. 

That leverage has now increased as Tiger Woods has joined the policy board, giving the players more power than ever. 

So incensed by the Cantlay 'story', Thomas and severable notable PGA Tour stars released a public statement. 

The united front included the likes of Rickie Fowler, Adam Scott and Will Zalatoris

 "These are serious times for golf and there are many serious matters," the statement read. "Should articles like this form part of the debate?"

Even more recently, an anonymous Ryder Cup player absolutely tore into Rory McIlroy over his public stance in the PGA Tour-LIV battle. 

This player told Firepit Collective reporter Alan Shipnuck: "F*** Rory. I'm so sick of hearing how he's some kind of hero who is saving golf. He's bought and paid for like everybody else. It's just his money is coming from the other side."

Thomas took issue with Shipnuck and again decided to make a public stand. 

On X, he wrote a number of players were 'sick' of Shipnuck for making money by writing negative stories and bashing PGA Tour players. 

Even Brooks Koepka agreed. "And LIV players," he wrote. 

Now we have a response from Shipnuck, who told The Times ahead of his book launch next week: "That was so interesting [JT's response] and enlightening.

"We are in the most volatile moment in the history of professional golf, and there's been two years of finger-pointing and name-calling, and his critique is I'm not writing more positive stories. I didn't create this situation, I'm just recording it. These pro golfers want money and fame but don't want the scrutiny."

He added:

"Players become so voracious and if anybody else tries to get a few crumbs you're a bad guy. I have four kids to put through college and I write books for a living. I don't think I need to apologise for that to Justin Thomas. It's never enough for these players. It's a bottomless pit."

Shipnuck's book about the biggest story in men's professional golf is called LIV and Let Die: the Inside Story of the War Between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. 

It comes out on 17 October. 

His previous book, about Phil Mickelson, caused an almighty firestorm. 

Mickelson's comments about overlooking Saudi Arabia's record on human rights in order to 're-shape the PGA Tour and how it operates' forced the six-time major champ into a spell of exile. 

He re-surfaced in June 2022 after signing a $200m deal to play in LIV Golf events. 

Lefty has continued to make headlines since returning, making a number of claims against the PGA Tour. 

His most recent one included this one after LIV were denied world ranking points. 

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