Rory McIlroy offers advice to Scottie Scheffler after seeing World No.1's strop

Rory McIlroy has offered some advice to Scottie Scheffler after the American struggled with his putting yet again on the PGA Tour.

Rory McIlroy offers advice to Scottie Scheffler after seeing World No.1's strop

Scottie Scheffler could have been forgiven for thinking he was in Groundhog Day with his display at the Genesis Invitational

The setting was completely different but the story was the same. 

Once again Scheffler, the reigning world number one, hit the ball better than any other player on the planet. 

He also chipped the ball better than anyone in the field but for some reason his problems persisted with the flat stick. 

When the tournament was concluded, Scheffler ranked 51st in the SG: Putting department. 

Overall, he lost a remarkable -4.358 strokes against the field. 

According to the official PGA Tour statistics, Scheffler made all of three putts outside of 10 feet. 

During the first round, Scheffler reacted to missing one putt by stroppily launching his golf ball into the trees.

His week was summed up when, on his 72nd hole, he hit a towering iron shot into 18 to 10 feet. His putt? Never had a chance. 

Which leads us nicely on to Rory McIlroy, who hopped into the commentary booth during the final round on CBS in Tiger Woods' absence

McIlroy knows all about struggles on the course. "I've certainly been through my fair share of putting woes over the years," McIlroy said. 

"And I finally feel like I've broken through and become a pretty consistent putter."

There is truth to that argument, given that during the early part of the career McIlroy was ranked outside the top 100 on the Tour in putting. 

So what changed? "For me, going to a mallet was a big change," he explained. 

He continued: "I really persisted with the blade putter for a long time, but I just feel like your stroke has to be so perfect to start the ball on line, where the mallet just gives you a little bit more margin for error.

"So, I'd love to see Scottie try a mallet. 

"But selfishly for me, Scottie does everything else so well that he's given the rest of us a chance."

Scheffler has sought to change his fortune on the greens by working with renowned putting coach Phil Kenyon. 

GolfMagic interviewed Kenyon earlier in the year and this is what he had to say about his work with Scheffler. 

Currently, Scheffler is gaming a Logan Olson prototype putter

Who knows, that could very well change soon.  

What do you make of Scheffler's putting? Will he turn it around? Let us know your thoughts on our social media channels.

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