Rory McIlroy to PGA Tour officials: "F--- it, do what you wanna do!"

Rory McIlroy's furious, expletive-laden reaction to the PGA Tour's deal with LIV Golf's backers was captured in the second series of Full Swing.

Rory McIlroy to PGA Tour officials:

Rory McIlroy's furious reaction to the PGA Tour's 'merger' announcement with LIV Golf's Saudi financiers was captured in the second series of the Netflix documentary Full Swing. 

The fly-on-the-wall documentary was released on the streaming platform on 6 March. 

As you can imagine, McIlroy features heavily on the show. 

He has been a key player in the world of men's professional golf over the past two years owing to the emergence of the rival LIV Golf League

McIlroy, 34, rallied against the Saudi Arabia-backed tour and the players joining for mind-boggling sums of money since its inception.  

But much like the rest of the sporting world, the Northern Irishman was left blindsided by the 6 June 2023 announcement. 

McIlroy was preparing to play in the RBC Canadian Open when the news dropped. 

And the cameras caught him in the immediate aftermath of seeing PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan appear on national television alongside the powerful Saudi businessman and LIV Golf mastermind Yasir Al-Rumayyan. 

McIlroy's mate Justin Thomas also looked similarly perplexed. The cameras followed McIlroy getting into a car on the way to Oakdale. 

"There is a palpable vibe of confusion and anger," McIlroy said in the episode: The Game Has Changed Part 2. 

"Because we have little information right now apart from, basically, entered into an agreement [and we] don't know what that agreement's going to involve. 

"What happened? Like, did you get from not knowing this guy [Yasir], not meeting this guy, to signing what is probably, you know the biggest deal in the history of professional golf.

"You get dragged into these things from time to time and I've been dragged in in a big, big way." 

The cameras then focus on a stunned McIlroy in the back of the vehicle and he states. 

"I'm almost at the point of, 'F--- it, do what you wanna do.'"

Rory McIlroy to PGA Tour officials:

Justin Thomas watches the PGA Tour-LIV merger announcement

When McIlroy did arrive at the Canadian Open venue, he spoke to the media and complained of being the Tour's sacrificial lamb. 

He admitted the aforementioned Monahan was a hypocrite for the seismic, about-face Tour management policy decision. 

McIlroy said he told Monahan: "You've galvanized everyone against something and that thing you galvanized everyone against, you've now partnered with. 

"So yeah, of course I understand it [the criticism], it is hypocritical, it sounds hypocritical."

Since 6 June 2023, the PGA Tour are yet to ratify the framework agreement with the Saudi PIF. 

McIlroy has also resigned from his powerful position on the policy board. 

And the four-time major champion has changed his tune with how he views LIV. 

He has called for a global tour to reunite the game, insisted he was too judgemental of the breakaway tour players and declared they should not be punished if they wish to return to the PGA Tour. 

McIlroy has also been supportive of Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton after they joined LIV.

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