Sahith Theegala drops A+ comments about Scottie Scheffler

Sahith Theegala reflected on Scottie Scheffler's dominance as the world number one shows no signs of slowing down after his Masters victory.

Scottie Scheffler
Scottie Scheffler

There is no doubt Sahith Theegala is an impressive young golfer who has a bright future on the PGA Tour

And we could soon see the 26-year-old competing for major championship titles.

Though it's more than likely, perhaps inevitable at this point, that Scottie Scheffler will be standing in his way. 

Theegala reflected on Scheffler's dominance at the signature RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links. 

And his comments will likely raise the eyebrows of those trying to keep up with Scheffler at the summit of the men's game. 

Tiger Woods dominated the sport for more than a decade and it has been speculated Scheffler just might do the same. 


Would Theegala be annoyed to see that, given he will be playing against Scheffler?

"I just think it's cool," Theegala said of the two-time Masters champion. 

"It's got to be annoying for some of the guys, but I love it. 

"I still think I have a way to go to really prove myself that I am, I would say, a top-15, -10 player in the world. 

"I haven't gotten to that point quite yet. I'm not annoyed, I'm just kind of sitting back, and it's honestly really cool to see. It's really cool to see.

"It gives us something to strive for."

Theegala was asked by reporters if he remembered the first time he played with Scheffler. 

He said when they were junior golfers they both teed it up in a tournament called The Starburst. 

Sahith Theegala
Sahith Theegala

Theegala added: "I can't remember if there was a third in our group, but my dad and Scottie's dad were both caddying for us, and he probably beat me by like eight or nine.

"It's funny because Scottie was pretty self-deprecating about his round, and then Scott, his dad, was kind of making fun of him. 

"It was really funny. Ever since then -- he's a year ahead of me in school and played with him most of my life. 

"Actually [I] didn't play in the same groups as him much, but just playing a lot of tournaments with him. 

"I don't actually know if I beat him in any junior or college tournaments. At least I've beat him in a pro event before. I've got that."

Theegala was referring to last September's Fortinet Championship when he finally broke through with his maiden win. 

He added: "But yeah, I've played with him my whole life. 

"He's been a great player the whole time, and he's been a great dude the whole time, too. He doesn't have to go talk to me, for instance, and he's always been super nice. 

"Couldn't be a better world number one, I think."

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