Tour pro puts Sergio Garcia on full (!) blast: "Attitude has been proper s---"

DP World Tour pro Mike Lorenzo-Vera has put LIV Golf's Sergio Garcia on full blast, accusing the Spaniard of having a terrible attitude.

Tour pro puts Sergio Garcia on full (!) blast: "Attitude has been proper s---"
Tour pro puts Sergio Garcia on full (!) blast: "Attitude has been proper s…

DP World Tour pro Mike Lorenzo-Vera says he is still not happy with the behaviour of certain LIV Golf players. 

In an explosive interview with bunkered, the Frenchman has put Sergio Garcia in his crosshairs. 

Garcia was one of a number of European Ryder Cup legends who brought their careers with their home circuit to an acrimonious end last year. 

The 2017 Masters champion resigned his membership after the European-based circuit won the right to fine Garcia et al for playing in LIV events. 

Garcia is said to have flown off the handle when that news was relayed to him whilst he was on the range at the BMW International Open. 

His outburst was reportedly witnessed by Robert MacIntyre. Lorenzo-Vera also appears to have witnessed behaviour he takes issue with. 

"Sergio was horrible in Munich," Lorenzo-Vera alleged to bunkered

He continued: "I'm still not happy about the things that have been done from certain players.

"It's the way some players have been over there. If you look at Louis Oosthuizen. The guy has gone there with no word.

"Some guys even said thank you to the DP World Tour and PGA Tour and left.

"But the thing I don't like is the people spitting on the Tour that has given them a s--- lot of money for years. The players that hammer the tours. 

"If they were angry after Keith [Pelley], they shouldn't have said I'm angry at the DP World Tour. How many people work at the DP World Tour?

"Some people have been working for those players for years and feel frustrated about those guys speaking about them.

"This is my biggest issue. They have been targeting the wrong thing. Sergio was horrible in Munich."


The established tours are still negotiating with LIV Golf's backers, the PIF of Saudi Arabia, to ratify last June's framework agreement. 

That could lead to LIV golfers being welcomed back into the fold. 

PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan recently claimed talks with the PIF are 'accelerating' as he addressed reporters at the Players

For his part, Garcia has maintained that he would be willing to return to the DP World Tour so he could be part of the Ryder Cup again. 

Garcia told Rick Shiels he was planning to pay off fines rumoured to total £1,000,000. 

But it has since been confirmed Garcia missed the deadline to reapply for his membership

Tour pro puts Sergio Garcia on full (!) blast:

Lorenzo-Vera added: "He has always been great to me but its that attitude I didn't get and couldn't understand. Ego must have been hurt there.

"The feeling that you can't play Ryder Cup and can't come back on the Tour they think they built but they haven't.

"Some of them gave me a lot of advice in my career which I'm very thankful for, but on this topic, the attitude has been proper s---.

"Even if they thought they were right. I'm sure there was troubles between the Tour and them, but man you're getting £50m to play golf.

"Just thank everybody and go, no? Plenty of people are going to say, 'You're jealous.' Why am I jealous?

"If one guy deserved all the money it's him for sure. I could have asked for an invite to the first [LIV event].

"I didn't [and] didn't like the product and the way its been done."

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