Wesley Bryan claims 'not a stretch' his YouTuber brother wins on PGA Tour debut

PGA Tour pro Wesley Bryan has predicted his brother George, of YouTube fame, is more than capable of winning on his debut in Bermuda.

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Wed, 8 Nov 2023
Wesley Bryan claims 'not a stretch' his YouTuber brother wins on PGA Tour debut

Wesley Bryan has predicted his YouTuber brother George is more than capable of winning on his PGA Tour debut. 

George is making his Tour debut at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship

If you're unaware, the elder Bryan brother primarily makes videos on the Bryan Bros channel for a living. 

Wesley's career sky-rocketed in his late 20s, culminating in grabbing his first victory at the 2017 RBC Heritage. 

He has been involved in a number of viral moments, such as playing the fastest round (89 minutes) in PGA Tour history at the 2017 BMW Championship.

It's no secret injuries have hampered his career over the past few years. 

But George's professional career never got off the ground despite, his brother contends, always striking the ball at an 'elite level'. 

The problem, as many will attest to in this game, is between the ears. 

But George is absolutely no slouch with a club in his hand and is currently trying to earn his playing rights for 2024 via Q-School. 

The 35-year-old has already advanced to the second stage. Wesley will need to play that unless he can improve his standing over the next two weeks. 

George was given a spot in the field at Port Royal Golf Club via a sponsor exemption.

What would represent a successful week? 

George said: "I think if Wesley beats me, he'd be satisfied, and if I beat Wesley, I'd be satisfied. I've been thinking about this a lot. It's like what my goals this week are maybe not to win, but to compete at some level.

"And like my game is good and so I know like even just like through a few weeks ago, a month ago it would have been like okay, if I just made the cut or if I just play OK.

"But now it's like I'm playing good, so it's like, man, what about top-10 to get into next week, which sounds silly because I make YouTube videos for a living, but like the game's been that good in tournaments." 

Wesley, 33, offered: "I don't think it sounds silly at all because I watch you play and it is tremendously more talented -- it's not a knock on a lot of the people in the field this week, but tremendously more talented than the vast majority of the field that's teeing it up this week.

"So I don't feel like it's a stretch to say that you have a chance to compete and win as a YouTuber."

Wesley is playing the first two rounds alongside Cody Gribble and Tyson Alexander. His brother will tee off in the group directly behind him with Trevor Cone and Peter Kuest. 

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