Matt Fitzpatrick suggests he might ditch caddie Billy Foster for a laser

The PGA of America's announcement has made Matt Fitzpatrick question whether he still needs his caddie Billy Foster.

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021
Matt Fitzpatrick suggests he might ditch caddie Billy Foster for a laser

The PGA of America recently announced that distance-measuring devices will be permitted at the PGA Championship later this year in an attempt to combat slow play and Matt Fitzpatrick is now questioning the need for his caddie Billy Foster.

Well he's joking of course, but his tweet on Thursday still made us laugh and it does reflect what many golf fans have been saying since the announcement was made.

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"Can’t wait to get rid of Billy from my bag and just use my laser," said the World No.20.

Fellow Englishman and current Race to Dubai champion Lee Westwood joined in on the fun and replied to the tweet, suggesting that Billy has other uses on the course.

Some fans are suggesting that the use of lasers will take out the need for caddies to be a part of the game, but they couldn't be more wrong.

Caddies know their players and their games inside out and just because a laser tells them the pin is 167 yards away, doesn't mean that the player is going to step up and hit a 167-yard shot.

It's crucial for caddies to work out the 'Plays-Like' distance, taking into account the wind, temperature and elevation to determine the correct number for their players and it's important that as a team they come to the correct decision.

PING Vice President of Fitting & Performance Marty Jertson recently blew the minds of people online when he posted his 'Plays-Like' distances for last year's PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park.

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Whether the use of lasers at the PGA Championship will speed things up or not continues to be a hot topic of debate, but some believe that it could end up having the opposite effect to what the PGA of America is hoping for.

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