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Tue, 7 Nov 2017


This one is slightly more hi-tech but all you need is a chair, wet flannel/sponge and a golf club.

Many of us fail to maintain our spine angle in the swing and this drill aims to counter that. If you rotate your shoulders properly - with a club placed across your chest - you will see the shaft stays on the same angle going back and through.

The angle of the shoulders working around a fixed spine is evidenced by the fact you can see the shaft.

If you take a proper backswing and set up next to the chair, with the flannel/sponge underneath the left foot, and then turn back with the body and sway, you will end up pushing the chair slightly which is not ideal.

But if you rotate properly, pushing out some of the water with the left foot, you will notice the right hip moves away from the chair just slightly. In this position, the spine angle will be in the proper position, the left shoulder will be low and the head will stay still.