How to hit your driver DEAD STRAIGHT just by using a broom!

How to hit bullet drives down the centre of the fairway...

How to hit your driver DEAD STRAIGHT just by using a broom!
How to hit your driver DEAD STRAIGHT just by using a broom!

Here's a great practice drill from PGA pro Danny Maude to help you hit the golf ball out the middle of your driver face on a regular basis - and it involves using your old broom! 

Danny's video below takes a closer look at the simple steps you can make to help you send your ball down the middle of the fairway every single time, with two great practice drills to dramatically help slicers and hookers off the tee...


1. Learn to hit the centre of the face - this has a huge impact on direction. You need to identify where you are striking the golf ball on the face. Get some foot spray powder to give you an idea of where you are striking the golf ball. Spray the face and then hit a ball for your driver. Then take a look at the face of your driver to identify where you are hitting the ball. Spend some more time hitting some shots, and start to see if you can see a consistency of pattern in terms of your ball striking. Genuinely with my students I find they are pretty consistent at hitting the ball in one part of the face.  If you are a slicer, so a neck striker, I want you to put a tee peg just outside the golf ball and just feel as though as you are going to hit the golf ball much more towards the toe of the club. If you are a heel striker, then reverse it. Identify your strike, and then vary where you put the second peg to help you (watch from the start of video to learn more).

2. Now we want to square the club face up to hit the driver dead straight. If you are a slicer, then you will tend to swing out to in. For a hooker, you will be the other way. We need to fix the face before our path in order to hit the golf ball straight. Do not move on from this step until you can hit the ball dead straight and the club face is being squared to the club path you are swinging on. I want you to learn what is square (watch from 5:35 on the video to learn more).

3. Now we want to work on our swing path. The people who slice have an overactive upper body, and an underactive lower body. The hookers tend to have the opposite. For the slicers, we want more activity with the lower body and less on the upper body. Grab a golf ball and have it in your lead hand, and then turn the golf ball to face the target. This will give the feeling of the motion we want in the left shoulder. Make a backswing and throw the ball down towards the ground, but backwards. Another great drill is to use a broom. Make a swing and start to sweep the floor straight. For hookers, the opposite will apply (watch from 8 mins to learn more about these drills). 



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