Stay At Home Golf Tip #5: Guido Migliozzi talks putting

WATCH: Tip #5 in the Modest Golf x GolfMagic Stay At Home Golf Tips series...

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Fri, 10 Apr 2020
Stay At Home Golf Tip #5: Guido Migliozzi talks putting

In the fifth of our new Stay At Home Golf Tips series in partnership with Modest Golf, we catch up with two-time European Tour winner Guido Migliozzi and his best tip for an improved putting stroke. 

Migliozzi, who writes a regular GolfMagic blog, reveals his best tips to improve your putting stroke while indoors - and even explains how using a kitchen mop (or "mocio" as it's better known in Migliozzi's homeland of Italy) can have its benefits when it comes to getting back out on the greens. 

Check out the video below, and head over to the GolfMagic Instagram page to watch more helpful golf tips and drills...
"The most important thing with the putter is the stroke, and to have a good stroke, it's very important to move your body with your club.
"That's a good tip to try at home. If you can put a ball between your right hand and your grip, you understand and you can prove that you can move your putter perfectly without any of that unwanted wrist movement. 
"This will show you understand what to do with your putter and your body.
"We can also practice our putting with a house club - something I like to call a "mocio" (kitchen mop). With the mocio, we are not just cleaning the house but we can work on our putting. 
"Have a good practice, and let me know how you get on."