Swing Tip 6: Follow through to finish

For the final step, pose for the cameras

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Fri, 1 Jul 2016


a) Strong grip
b) Rotate forearms
c) Toe of the club should pass the heel
d) Raise the right foot
e) Belt buckle facing the target

Strong grip

If your grip is weak, you'll have a tendency to either over rotate or under rotate your wrists during impact and on the exit.

Rotate forearms

This is important to avoid slicing the ball. The easiest way to do this is by trying to touch your left forearm with your right.

Toe of the club passes the heel

As with trying to rotate your forearms over, you want to try and let the toe of the club pass the heel during exit, which will in turn help you avoid the dreaded slice.

Swing Tip 6: Follow through to finish

Raise the right foot

Check that you can raise your right foot off the ground when your in the finishing position. You do not want to full back on the shot so all the weight should be on your left foot.

Belt buckle facing the target

Tom Watson's dad told him that making sure your belt buckle faces the target at finish ensures your body to naturally do the right things during a swing. McIlroy has done just that with his whole body facing the target or rotated around even further.