The BEST golf balls you can buy for under £40 in 2021

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Fri, 7 May 2021
The BEST golf balls you can buy for under £40 in 2021

The choice of golf ball is another part of the game that is down to personal preference and feel, and it can be difficult to choose a ball at an affordable and reasonable price.

Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist AVX balls are some of the most expensive around, however, you do not necessarily have to pay the top prices in order to improve your game.

There are plenty of affordable options that provide you with the qualities that top-priced golf balls offer, such as increased spin, ball speed and distance.

Here are our best five golf balls for under £40. 



If you are a golfer that wants increased distance, superb feel and control, a consistent trajectory and optimised aerodynamics then the Callaway Chrome Soft ball ticks all the boxes. The Chrome soft  remains one of the most durable premium balls available.

Price: £39.99 - £37.99


Now in its sixth generation, the Srixon Z-STAR provides maximum greenside spin for unmatched control and stopping power, while also being longer than other mid-compression tour balls. Its premium three-piece construction gives skilled players complete tour performance.

Price: £39.99 - £34.99


This three-piece golf ball is engineered by TaylorMade to respond to your golf game. It offers a premium combination of effortless compression with advanced tour technology for maximum game performance.

Price: £39.99 - £34.99


This was the new version of the popular Titleist Tour Soft ball.  It's the ideal ball for golfers who prefer a soft feeling but who don't want to sacrifice distance. The Tour Soft has been designed to deliver a responsive soft feel, commanding distance and excellent short game performance.

Price: £34.99 - £29.99


This ball was designed to offer extremely low spin and the longest distance. It is ideal for golfers who want to hit the ball higher and further. The higher speed LSX core produces faster speed on all shots and it is available in four stunning colours - white, matte green, matte orange and matte pink.

Price: £29.99 - £24.99