"I'm Eddie f***ing Pepperell" - You need to watch this HILARIOUS LIV Golf video!

Eddie Peppperell has just posted a contender for golf video of the year! 

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Tue, 16 Aug 2022
"I'm Eddie f***ing Pepperell" | You need to watch this HILARIOUS LIV Golf video!

Eddie Pepperell has just dropped one of the golf videos of the season and golf fans are loving every second of it. 

In fact, we'll be honest and say we have watched it at least five times now! 

We join the video with Pepperell parking his BMW diagonally between the spaces of the captain and lady captain at his club. 

Literally zero f**** are given, because, well, he is DP World Tour pro Eddie Pepperell. 

He's then seen talking on the phone to someone as he walks through the clubhouse and down the steps out the other side, while clicking his fingers for his caddie to keep up with him.

Pepperell is firing all sorts of numbers out while on the phone, clearly making it seem like he is talking about financial offers for him to join the LIV Golf Tour, which is bankrolled by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. 

In an act of comedy genius and without giving it all away, sit back and enjoy this superb 2-minute video from Pepperell: 

"Right, where are we on this?" says Eddie down the phone. 

"Of course 5 is a f***ing joke! 5? What am I going to do with 5?!"

Eddie then clicks his fingers to get his caddie to keep up with him.

"What am I going to do with 5? How long does 5 realistically last? 5?" continues Eddie. 

"No, not 20... do I strike you as the kind of golfer of whom 20 is anywhere near enough?

"Right yes, at least 50, at the very least 50. In fact 50 still feels low, 50 is basically a drop in the ocean, you know that, I know that, 50 is literally what they should be giving everyone.

"At least 50 for starters. I mean I'm Eddie f***ing Pepperell.

"To be honest the whole thing is a joke. We've both seen some of the guys getting 100, 150, 200, probably even more, we just don't know. 

"Okay do that and if you can't get 50 on the table in the next two minutes then I'm gone and I'll go back to doing this stuff on my own. Get it done, useless (expletive)."

Eddie then continues walking through the trees and arrives at a table where there is man waiting for him. 

"Mr Pepperell, I got the message," says the man. "50 golf balls, they're all yours. Have a good practice."

Pepperell replies: "Don't think I won't count these."

For the record, Pepperell remains a DP World Tour player and is not moving to the LIV Golf Invitational Series. 

The Englishman is teeing it up in the Czech Masters this week. 

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