Best driver 2017 practice drills

Best golf driver drills to improve your game fast on the range. 

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Mon, 5 Jun 2017


There are not too many simpler driving drills than this one but it can potentially be one of the most effective if you're having trouble off the tee.

Start off by getting your driver, whatever make or price, as this drill will not damage it in any way. Then proceed to sellotape the face as seen in the above photograph.


When you're at the range, play one shot using a normal swing setup and then look to see where you have hit the ball on the clubface - there will be an obvious mark shown up by the golf ball's dimples.

This will essentially diagnose your problem. Hit a few more balls to see if you are consistently making the same mistake then try your best to correct your swing or stance to counteract the problem.

If you're hitting it off the toe, for instance, then you may be standing too far from the ball. You've then got an opportunity to try and cure this at the range on your own. If the problem persists then see a coach.