Best Golf Rangefinders 2023: Lower your scores with one of these

Your guide to the best golf rangefinders of 2023 and all the things you need to know.

Fri, 19 May 2023
Best Golf Rangefinder 2022 - Lower your scores with one of these

The best golf rangefinders remove all the guesswork when it comes to your yardages and that ultimately leads to lower scores. That is why they are so important.

Golf rangefinders, used in the LIV Golf Team Championship in Miami, are the most popular distance-measuring products in the game today.

They are popular with players because of the significant game improvement they offer when it comes to golf club selection and golf course management.

Our latest guide on the best golf rangefinders for 2023 will be regularly updated throughout the year with all of our latest rangefinder reviews. So be sure to keep coming back here to check it out. 

The days of making an educated guess at your yardage to the green or that dreaded water hazard are gone. Golf rangefinders help you plot your way around the course without uncertainty over your distances. 

We have tested the latest golf rangefinders on the market and have landed on six we recommend. They offer something for every golfing ability in 2023. 




















Key Features to look for when it comes to Golf Rangefinders

Before looking in more detail at each product, it is worth understanding important rangefinder features so you know what we mean in our golf rangefinder reviews. 


Magnification refers to how much a rangefinder laser can zoom into a target. Rangefinders can zoom into a pin, a bunker or a hazard and the more they can zoom in, the more likely they are to receive an accurate reading.

Golf rangefinders have up to seven times magnification which is a main selling point. Rangefinders such as the Shot Scope LX+ and the Motocaddy Pro 3000 laser have seven times magnification, which contributes to the overall quality of the product and ultimately, the price.

Water resistance

To golf clothing and golf bags, weatherproofing is very important. This applies to golf rangefinders too. If your rangefinder laser can perform in harsh conditions, this will help you pick up shots against your competition and help lower your golf handicap.

The Motocaddy Pro 3000 laser prides itself on poor-weather performance, as does the Blue Tee Series 3 Max laser which also sports a shock-proof design. As we enter the cold and wet winter months, water resistance is an important feature to consider when buying a golf rangefinder.

Distance range

The distance that a rangefinder can reach is another key feature. For example, the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift laser can reach targets up to 1,300 yards away. That high distance range is a key selling point for brands like Bushnell.

To tie in with distance range, many rangefinders have jolt vibration which confirms the distance to the target that you’ve picked up. This feature ensures that you pick up the correct target rather than the landscape in the background.

Slope technology

Slope technology is a helpful feature but one you should be aware of has a bearing on the rules of golf. In 2021, professional golfer Brett White was disqualified from a tournament for accidentally using slope mode on his golf rangefinder.

Rangefinder lasers should let you turn off the slope mode easily. But for non-competitive rounds, rangefinder lasers use slope tech to adapt the yardages they give you by analysing slopes and changes in gradients.

Best Golf Rangefinders 2023



Some standout specs from our test: 











1300 YARDS




1300 YARDS




1100 YARDS







Let’s take a look at what we consider to be the greatest golf rangefinders out there in 2023, starting with our overall pick:

1. Shot Scope Pro LX+

Key specs:

Max range: 900 yards | Magnification: x7 | Water resistance: Case only | Weight: 201g | Battery life: 15 hours / 2 rounds fo GPS | 16 x tracking tags | iOS and Android app | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes | Price: £330


  • Very light and easy to use
  • H4 add-on offers superb statistical data services
  • Link between the product and the Shot Scope app is extremely impressive
  • Good yardage pick-up range of up to 900 yards


  • Not the most expensive but costs more than some other options on this list



The Shot Scope Pro LX+ golf rangefinder is an advanced golf rangefinder with GPS. It comes with loads of game-improvement weapons in its arsenal which is why it has proven to be so popular.

This golf rangefinder comes with the H4 add-on and plug-n-play club tags. These features are key to game improvement. The H4 add-on can be clipped to your belt or it can stick to the golf rangefinder body. On the screen, it shows yardages to the front, middle and back of the green which we found to be very helpful and informative on each hole. These yardages allow you to adapt your club selection to where the pin position is.

The club tags are placed on the top of each of your club grips. Once you have chosen your club, you tap the tag against the H4 add-on screen to hear it buzz. The add-on has acknowledged that you're about to hit your shot. After you hit your shot, you can enter your data into the Shot Scope app and this is where statistical analysis and data is stored.

This innovative golf rangefinder massively impressed us when we used it on the golf course. No other golf rangefinder offers the same amount of statistical analysis as this one. You can view your strokes gained in several different ways and this allows you to work on your weaknesses and build on your strengths.

We found the Shot Scope app easy to use and once it is linked to your golf rangefinder, it will feel like you have access to a special guide that has all the secrets to improving your game. As well as the H4 add-on, we were pleased with the colour settings on the lens. You can choose between red or black, allowing you to read numbers and text that have high contrast to the background.

This made it easier to use the Pro LX+ and to pick up accurate readings. The accuracy in this golf rangefinder isn’t as good as the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Slim rangefinder, but the extra features make it a worthwhile investment.


2. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift

Key specs:

Max range: 1300 yards | Magnification: x6 | Water resistance: Rainproof | Weight: 226g | Battery life: Advised to replace batteries every 6 months | Slope Compensation | LCD Display | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes | Price: £359


  • Increased accuracy with a red laser circle
  • Increased practicality, very easy to see and carry
  • Large yardage pick-up range up to 1300 yards
  • Slope feature very easy to use with a slider button


  • £359 is more expensive than other rangefinders that have more features



Bushnell is an extremely popular brand on the PGA Tour. The brand is used by 98% of players on the Tour and 90% of US amateurs. This explains why their products are some of the most expensive, but the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift is more likely to improve your game than cheaper items.

This Bushnell rangefinder has a nice design which makes it easy to use. Part of the ease of use comes from the Integrated BITE magnetic technology which lets the Tour V5 Shift easily attach to the frame of a golf buggy or cart.

There is an easy-access on-button and an option to change your scope from yards to metres. This is particularly useful if you want to use your new golf rangefinder outside the UK or US as many golf courses operate in metres.

You may ask why this product is so expensive, and it comes down to one thing – its accuracy. It is thoroughly impressive with the red laser circle in the middle of the scope. We received the fewest incorrect readings after double-checking yardages, and we found the readings helped us to make correct club choices on the golf course.

While this rangefinder shares similar characteristics to other rangefinder lasers in this list, you are paying a little extra for getting the most accurate golf rangefinder which has been vastly improved based on feedback from previous models.


3. Motocaddy Pro 3000

Key specs:

Max range: 1300 yards | Magnification: x7 | Water resistance: IPX5 Rainproof | Weight: 196g | Battery life: Long-lasting 3V Lithium battery | Slope Compensation | Textured rubber grips | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes | Price: £270


  • Increased magnification and accuracy help performance
  • Improved design increases practicality and ease of use
  • Good yardage pick-up range up to 900 yards


  • More expensive than some golf rangefinders which offer better value



We were impressed with the weight and size of the Motocaddy Pro 3000 laser. It is easy to use and carry on the golf course because it is made using lightweight, weatherproof materials and packs comfortable textured rubber grips. 

We were impressed with the accuracy of this golf rangefinder. The yardages of each target we picked up on the golf course were spot-on and this is one of this rangefinder's greatest qualities.

The device can also pick up flags 450 yards away and other targets up to 1300 yards away. Other golf rangefinders, such as the Shot Scope Pro LX+, have a shorter distance range than the Motocaddy Pro 3000. The extensive distance range increased our capability to plot our way around the golf course and this is why increased distance range is an important feature.

At £269.99, the Motocaddy Pro 3000 is a lot less expensive than the Shot Scope Pro LX+ and the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Slim lasers without sacrificing much performance or features. It’s a reliable and practical rangefinder for any golf course.


4. CaddyTalk minimi

Key specs:

Max range: 1100 yards | Magnification: x6 | Water resistance: Full resistance | Weight: 135g | Battery life: 5,000 readings | Ultra Clear Display | Magic slope, E-slope | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes (but must turn slope mode off in tournament play) | Price: £265


  • Quick and easy to use, and very accurate
  • Sleekest and lightest rangefinder out there
  • Magic Slope functionality to adjust to heigh and trajectory
  • e-Slope functionality to account for humidity and temperature
  • Jolt vibration provides reassurance when finding yardages


  • No magnetic strip to attach to golf cart
  • Perhaps it will be too light for some golfers



CaddyTalk might be a new name to some of you, but you need to get them towards the top of your list when in the market for a new rangefinder. The CaddyTalk minmi is the sleekest, lightest and arguably smartest rangefinder on the market right now. 

While the CaddyTalk minimi might be small in stature, it has an array of key features to get excited about. The standout features are its Magic Slope and e-Slope functions, which account for height, trajectory, humidity and temperature to ensure you get the most precise yardage to your target.

You will just need to remember to turn the slope functionality off during tournament play otherwise you will get disqualified. A green light will come up when slope mode is being activated, and a red light will come on when it's disabled. 

Another nice feature is that the device will vibrate when its locked into the pin, so you have peace of mind that you've found the flag rather than the tree out the back door! 

The best aspect of this device is its simplicity. It's so easy to use. It's also fairly priced at £265 when compared to its rivals. 


5. GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 

Key specs:

Max range: 880 yards | Magnification: x6 | Water resistance: Full resistance | Weight: 140g | Battery life: 3,000 to 5,000 readings | Ultra Clear Display | Slope Mode, Pin Finder Mode | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes (but must turn slope mode off in tournament play) | Price: £169.99


  • Quick and easy to use, and very accurate
  • Much more compact and sleeker than original
  • Slope functionality to adjust to heigh and trajectory
  • Double tack to the top and bottom for maximum stability
  • Vibration when locked in on the flag for peace of mind
  • Improved pouch for the golf bag 


  • Perhaps too light for players on windy links courses
  • Slope mode function takes longer than others 



The first thing we noted with the new GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 Rangefinder is just how much lighter it is compared to the former Laser Lite, which features lower down in this guide. 

It's some 3g lighter, so not hugely different, but it's certainly noticeable. We also noted it's much more compact and just all-round much sleeker than last time.

Another improvement to the Laser Lite 2 Rangefinder is an additional bit of tack to the bottom of the device, not just on the top as before. 

The GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2 Rangefinder performed really well, just as we expected. 

The technological advancements are not crazily different, but you can tell they have been refined.

Of the biggest performance updates, you have a much faster all-round device with the Laser Lite 2 thanks to the brand's ZST Technology. 

Other impressive performance features include a helpful 'Scan' mode to help paint a picture for you as to what lies ahead of you and an updated 'Pin Finder' mode that gives you even greater accuracy to your target line.

The device also vibrates when you're locked in to ensure peace of mind that you've actually located the flag and not that lone tree some 30 yards behind the green!

One slight niggle with the Slope mode is that you have to press it down for up to five seconds and that seems to be a lot longer than a number of other rangefinders in this guide. 


6. GolfBuddy aim Quantum 

Key specs:

Max range: 880 yards | Magnification: x7 | Water resistance: IPX4 (light rain) | Weight: 143g | Battery life: 5,000 readings | Ultra Clear Display | Slope Functionality (on/off) | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes (but must turn slope mode off in tournament play) | Price: £299.99


  • Quick and easy to use, and very accurate
  • x7 magnification as good as it gets
  • Very compact and light, fits in your pocket
  • Slope-adjusted distances for elevation
  • Vibrates when pin located


  • No tackiness at sides to keep hand steady
  • Prefer a more curved desgin than straight edges



The GolfBuddy aim Quantum rangefinder is quick and easy to use and has three simple modes to help improve your golf course management.

It's without doubt the most compact laser rangefinder you will find on the market this season, and it also comes with a cool little case for maximum protection. The aim Quantum weighs in at just 143g so it's incredibly light, and it's also the size of a credit card.

There are three main modes with this rangefinder. The first one is a Scan Mode that gives you 10 seconds of continuous measurement while you pan what's in front of you. The second one is Pin Mode, which helps you pick out the flag. The product will vibrate once you're locked in, which is a nice touch just to ensure you haven't located the tree 30 yards behind the green! The third mode is Slope Functionality. The aim Quantum logo on the side of the product will light up in green when it's on. It will then light up in red when it's disabled.

Other things to note with the aim Quantum rangefinder is that it possesses a very impressive 7x maginification, which is as good as it gets for clarity in the rangefinder market. 

The only niggle we have when it comes to performance lies in its design. We much prefer a tackier and curved rangefinder such as the GolfBuddy Laser Lite or CaddyTalk minimi. While we appreciate its compact appearance and light feel, we do miss the tackiness at the sides like we see on some of the other rangefinders out there on the market this season.


7. GolfBuddy Laser Lite

Key specs:

Max range: 800 yards | Magnification: x6 | Water resistance: IPX4 light rain resistance | Weight: 143g | Battery life: 3,000 - 5,000 readings | Small, lightweight design | Standard, Scan and Pin targeting modes | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes | Price: £130


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Compact and modern design
  • More affordable than other rangefinders
  • Normal, Scan and Pin modes are very easy to use


  • Lacks less features than more expensive rangefinders



Much like the Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max rangefinder, the GolfBuddy Laser Lite is extremely well-priced and offers huge value. This product only costs £129.99 and has many useful features that will improve your game.

This is a compact product with optional slope compensation. The jolt vibrations ensure your laser rangefinder picks up the flag rather than other objects, similar to the Active Flag Lock on the Golf Buddy item.

This feature gave us confidence that the rangefinder would pick up the correct yardages. Sometimes the simple features make a product and there’s a lot to like about the carry case which easily attaches to your golf bag. All you need to do is lock the elastic toggle, and the case can be used without zipping it up.

There are three options you can use when looking for your target. Normal mode works with a click of a button. Aim at the target and the distance will show in the display with a vibration to confirm. Scan Mode is useful when measuring various targets and Pin Mode is especially good when there are a lot of obstacles behind the pin. These modes really make the GolfBuddy a doddle to use. 

The design is another highlight. It rocks a sharp, modern and sporty design. It is also compact, fitting into your hand well. This sounds like a mundane feature, but it helps with its ease of use. 


8. Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max

Key specs:

Max range: 900 yards | Magnification: x7 | Water resistance: Full resistance | Weight: 220g | Battery life: 3,500 - 4,000 readings | Ultra Clear Display | Auto Ambient Display | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes | Price: £199


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ultra Clear Display increases ease in finding yardages
  • Pulse vibration provides reassurance when finding yardages
  • Impressive accuracy in picking up different targets
  • Good yardage pick-up range up to 900 yards


  • Magnetic strap came loose on occasion



Blue Tees Golf is one of the fastest-growing brands in the sport and the Series 3 Max rangefinder is a good buy. A rangefinder this good that costs just £199 is superb value for golfers looking for an affordable golf rangefinder.

This rangefinder laser includes an Adaptive Slope Switch and an Active Flag Lock to ensure that your golf rangefinder doesn’t pick out any other objects, just the flag. We found this feature very useful on the golf course, especially when paired with the Pulse Vibration feature. It removes any potential confusion that you may be targeting the wrong object by locking to the pin.

We were pleased with the Ultra Clear Display which also made it easy to lock into the target. This isn’t just the flagstick either, this goes for water hazards, bunkers and general lay-up points. The display is extremely easy to read and we found this to be an important part of the product because what you want is clear and concise numbers.

The Auto Ambient Display was another impressive feature that helps the golf rangefinder adjust to the amount of daylight. This is particularly helpful in sunny conditions and we experienced this first-hand on some sunny afternoons.

Overall, we were extremely happy with how quick and easy it was to use all the features on this rangefinder. The Active Flag Lock gives you quick yardages and the Clear Display speeds up this process.


9. Zoom Focus S

Key specs:

Max range: Approx 650 yards | Magnification: x6 | Water resistance: Protective bag only | Weight: 170g | Battery life: 1000 mAh rechargeable battery via USB | Slope switch button | Optimal adjustment up to +/- 5D | Conforms to Rules of Golf: Yes | Price: £199


  • Increased accuracy with pin-finding
  • Easy to lock the golf rangefinder to the flag
  • Impressive, sleek design


  • Quite heavy and small which wouldn't suit some golfers

One of the first things that we noticed with the Zoom Focus S Laser in comparison to the previous Focus X model is the design. We were mightily impressed with the sleek and smart look.

The Zoom Focus S Laser is ergonomic and weighs 170 grams which allows the product to fit perfectly into your hand. This makes it practical and easy to use.

The design also features crystal-clear optics and it has a wide seven-degree field of vision. This feature increases the contrast and the brightness of the display, which makes picking up targets easier. It can magnify up to six times with an ultra-light LCD display. You can rely on the Zoom Focus S Laser to deliver accurate yardages. These features provide clarity and practicality.

The Zoom Focus S L golf rangefinder has premium optics and features such as vibration feedback and slope mode, which must be turned off during competitions, with a visible switch for tournament play.

Zoom has included a popular addition of the micro USB rechargeable battery which lasts over 50 rounds on a full charge. The micro USB charging port is an impressive feature which allows you to charge your rangefinder on the go. This is not a feature found in other devices, which gives it an edge in practicality.



How do we test golf rangefinders?

We’ve been reviewing golf rangefinders since 2008 and know that the best way to test the performance is to use them over a number of rounds on the golf course.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge leads the testing and puts each golf rangefinder through its paces in a number of different situations and in varied conditions.

Weather can affect the performance of a rangefinder and we had the benefit of testing each one in a range of weather conditions. Changing light or wet weather are just some variables that lasers need to adapt to.

We don’t just aim for flags. We use the golf rangefinders to pick up hazards, bunkers and lay-up points and manually measured the distances. By doing this, we discovered the accuracy of the products against a whole range of scenarios as opposed to just finding the pin.

Aside from accuracy, we assess ease of use, build quality, battery life, features, smartphone compatibility and price. 

After testing each product, we compare them to find which rangefinder laser is best depending on your needs. One golf rangefinder could have the same strengths as another, but it could cost you another £50 or so. Value and price are important points that we also discuss in each product description below.

How to use a golf rangefinder

There will be many golfers who have never bought a golf rangefinder before and many will have only used a rangefinder laser when borrowing one from their friends.

To briefly summarise a beginner’s guide to using a golf rangefinder, you simply look down the lens and once the spot in the middle of your lens has found your target, there will be a button to press which will stimulate the rangefinder laser to produce a yardage.

Are golf rangefinders legal?

Golf rangefinders have been permitted in professional tournaments before, such as the 2021 US PGA Championship. But whether they are permitted or not is under the jurisdiction of the tournament’s organisation.

The Rules of Golf have allowed golf rangefinders in casual play and amateur tournaments since 2006, but tournament committees can ban them. They largely aren’t allowed during professional competitions and they’ve never been permitted at The Masters, the US Open or The Open Championship.

It is often the case that if golf rangefinders are permitted in competitions, slope mode must be switched off. As previously mentioned, in August 2021, pro golfer Brett White was disqualified from an event for forgetting to turn off slope mode on his rangefinder laser.

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