GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder Review

GolfMagic tests out the clever GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder with slope compensation.

3 modes to dial-in yardages, it's simple to operate, and comes with a leather case with magnetic clasp.
Doesn’t include GolfBuddy’s 7x magnification lens, towards top end for price in the laser market.

GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder - Key Features

  • Zero Second Technology to pick up accurate readings in 0.15 seconds.
  • Pin finder mode with vibration alert.
  • 6x magnification lens.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Slope ON/OFF mode providing slope-adjusted distances for elevation.
  • USGA/R&A legal for handicap and tournament play.
  • Comes with a luxurious leather hard case with magnetic clasp.

The new GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder is very much an improvement on last year's aim Quantum.

Don't get us wrong, the Quantum is still one of the best golf rangefinders on the market today, but the aim L12 just covers some initial reservations we had about it. 

For starters, the curved design and ergonomic grip of the new aim L12 from GolfBuddy is a lot easier to hold steady when locating the flag.

Sitting at the top end of the rangefinder market at £300, the GolfBuddy aim L12 contains all the key features you would expect of a high-end product.

With the scan and pin modes all bases are covered with all the yardages you need.

Let's check it out in more detail...

GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder - What’s In The Box?

The GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder comes with multiple useful components, including a beautiful hard leather case with a magnetic clasp. 

Also in the box is a carabiner clip allowing you to attach the leather case to your golf bag, so you can have it at a reachable distance at all times.

The aim L12 is a rechargeable rangefinder and the charging cable is included in the box.

There is very little faffing around to get this thing up and running, and that is something we always love about GolfBuddy products. 

Just like the aim Quantum from 2023, the aim L12 of 2024 is incredibly lightweight at just 146 grams.

Light, yet sturdy in the hand. GolfBuddy has nailed the look and feel of the aim L12.

GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder - Performance

The standout feature of the aim L12 is ‘Zero Second Technology’ but it also has many other elements that make it such a great all-round rangefinder.

GolfBuddy’s ‘Zero Second Technology’ means this rangefinder gives you an accurate reading after 0.15 seconds. 

That's quicker than any other laser rangefinder we have ever tested out. 

It's impressive to say the least. Product to hand, eye to lens, yardage to pin. Bosh. 

Not only is the aim L12 quick to use but its slope function and scan and pin modes ensure it will improve your golf course management, too. 

The ON/OFF slope function is switched on or off by holding down the mode button on the side of the rangefinder. It will light up green when it’s on and red when it’s disabled.

The slope mode is incredibly useful when activated, as it provides slope-adjusted distance based on elevation. It’s akin to having your own personal caddie on the course, offering valuable information that would be difficult to determine without the aim L12 Rangefinder.

It is USGA/R&A certified but only with the slope function turned off, this is because it is against the rules to have it on. The handy red/green light on the side makes it obvious to your playing partners whether it is switched on or not though. 

Additionally, the aim L12 features a 6x magnification lens, while the aim Quantum has a 7x magnification lens. 

If we are looking for a negative with this product, then that would have to be it.

But the clarity is still incredible so don't view this as too much of a con. 

Should you buy the GolfBuddy aim L12 Rangefinder?

GolfBuddy has introduced another top contender for one of the best golf rangefinders in 2024.

The design and performance of the aim L12 is certainly going to be tough to beat for anyone this season. 

It's also quick and straightforward to use and the flawless performance of all three modes means it's a must-have for golfers.

RRP: £299.99


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