PXG GEN6 irons Review: "Forgiveness and distance packed into a blade-like iron"

GolfMagic heads over to the USA to be custom fit for the stunning new PXG GEN6 irons.

PXG GEN6 irons Review
PXG GEN6 irons Review
Offers incredible forgiveness for a blade-looking iron; with the right custom fitting, these irons can give explosive distance whilst maintaining optimal numbers; feel is very good for a hollow body iron
Quite pricey but you get a good deal on them; not the most durable irons in the world

PXG GEN6 Irons - Key Features

  • PXG patented XCOR2 inner core
  • Face is 15% thinner 
  • Improved mass positioning in the top rail
  • All of the above combine for exceptional distance and forgiveness

The highly-anticipated PXG GEN6 irons have landed here at GolfMagic, and they more than live up to the hype!

The new PXG GEN6 irons are not only the longest they've ever made, but they are incredibly easy to launch and hit straight, testament to the levels of forgiveness packed into this blade-like iron. 

They also look unbelievable, right?! 

These irons feature prominently in our best golf guide for 2023.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge recently jumped on a plane to visit PXG HQ over at Scottsdale National GC in the USA where he was custom fit for the GEN6 irons. 

There are two models in the GEN6 iron range, the 0311 P and the XP. 

We were fit for the 0311 P

Player Level:

Better players looking for a blade-like iron that offers a surprising amount of forgiveness and improved distance.


During our latest trip to meet PXG in the USA, we also got to check out the new PXG 0311 GEN6 Driver and PXG 0311 GEN6 Hybrid.

Last month, we checked out the brand new PXG Xtreme Golf Ball, which also really impressed us. 

But let's talk more about the GEN6 irons... 

PXG GEN6 Irons - Looks and Feel

The brand new PXG GEN6 irons are incredibly sleek and they very much remind us of blade irons. It's quite difficult to not like them on looks alone in that regard. 

We also noted how they instilled plenty of confidence over the ball. 

In terms of feel, a hollow iron will always have a noticeable feel to them, and these fall in to that category.

They are explosive, punchy, but you know when you miss the sweetspot. 

We love that as it really aids good feedback at impact, and lets you know when you've hit one a little squiffy. 

These irons are available in two different head shapes of either Chrome or Xtreme Dark finish, but both of them look incredible so you will not be left disappointed in the appearance department. 

PXG GEN6 Irons - Performance and Forgiveness

While this is just a first look review of the new PXG GEN6 irons, which Alex will be further testing over the coming months, it's already become very evident that these irons offer an incredible amount of forgiveness for a blade-looking iron. 

Forgiveness is really the most impressive asset with these irons. To have such a small club that offers so much forgiveness is hard to come by, and these do just that. 

There is also plenty of distance to excite us here, too, and we'll go as far to say these are the longest irons PXG have so far produced. 

The one takeaway from our custom fitting with PXG with these irons is that with the right custom fitting you can receive some explosive distance out of these clubs whilst also maintaining optimal numbers. 

Overall, and while we've only had just the one custom fitting session and couple of rounds with these irons now, the performance is superb and they more than deserve their place in our Best Golf Irons buyer guide for 2023. 

Should you buy the PXG GEN6 irons? 

Better players looking for a blade-like iron that offer a surprising amount of forgiveness and improved distance will want to get involved with these brand new PXG GEN6 irons. 

These irons come in at a fairly steep $250 per iron, so around the £209 per iron mark for UK golfers, but the brand does offer a discount if you purchase seven irons so it's worth taking full advantage of that deal. 

But as we always say here at Magic, make sure you opt for a custom fitting as it can make a world of difference, just as Alex has proven in his custom fitting video above. 

Schedule your custom fitting session with PXG here

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