Duca del Cosma Dandy Golf Shoes Review: "Perfect for the dancefloor!"

GolfMagic takes a closer look at the incredibly stylish and comfortable Duca del Cosma Dandy golf shoes.

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 20 Apr 2023
Duca del Cosma Dandy Golf Shoe Review: "Perfect for the dancefloor!"

Need To Know

As stylish as they come; nice fit, great comfort; crafted using soft Italian leather; fully waterproof; solid grip and traction on all strikes; dirt wipes clean off
Very top end for price; not a great fan of the waxed laces
Our score:
PRICE: £199.95 YEAR: from 2023

Duca del Cosma Dandy Golf Shoes - Key Features

  • Soft, luxury, nappa leather upper
  • Airplay XI outsole for lightweight and flexible comfort
  • 5mm cone-shaped traction lugs for stability and grip
  • ARNEFLEX insole with memory foam for superior comfort
  • Classic look with modern performance
  • 1 year waterproof guarantee

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Italian brand Duca del Cosma might be a fairly new name in the golf industry to many of you, but the company is making giant strides in 2023. 

While the Duca Del Cosma Churchill shoes already found a place in our Best Golf Shoes buyer guide for this season, their Dandy model has wasted little time in following them in... and further up the board, too! 

The price tag is at the top end of the spectrum, but we believe if you have the golf game to back up such a trendy golf shoe, you will quickly become the envy of your playing partners this season. 

Let's check it out in more detail, starting with a little unboxing video: 

Duca del Cosma Dandy Golf Shoe - Looks

Does it get any more stylish than this one in 2023?! We just wish our game was quite good enough to pull them off! 

Out the box, yes, we love them. We're a big fan of the houndstooth print on the upper, which we think offers a truly individual look. We almost feel like we should be walking onto a dancefloor on a Saturday night wearing them! 

The Duca del Cosma Dandy shoes have got a classic modern look about them, very much like a FootJoy Premiere Series.

Okay, looks are very much personal preference but for us here at GolfMagic they receive a very big tick indeed. 

The Dandy is crafted using soft Italian Nappa leather, and it just oozes premium quality, testament to its fairly hefty price tag that sits at the top end for a spikeless golf shoe in 2023. 

There's some subtle Duca branding at the back side of the shoe, and there's a giant C underneath on the 5mm cone-shape traction lugs, which again adds further appeal in the appearance stakes. 

The waxed laces weren't our favourite if we're honest, but some of you might like that. 

Overall though, one of the most stylish golf shoes we have ever worn. 

Duca del Cosma Dandy Golf Shoes - Comfort and Performance

While the Dandy excels in stylish looks, it thankfully delivers in terms of comfort and performance, too. 

The shoe incorpoates an extremely comfortable ARNEFLEX memory foam insert sole that gives you a snug, plush feel while striding the fairways.

The shoe also takes full advantage of its new Airplay XI outsole to provide even more lightweight comfort to your round.

You've also got peace of mind that these spikeless shoes are fully waterproof, and they come with a one-year waterproof guarantee for good measure. We wore them for about 20 minutes when the heavens opened, and were pleased to report absolutely no leakage inside the shoe. 

In terms of the lugs underneath, we noted solid grip throughout our testing with no slippage on any full strikes. 

After a first round of 18 in these shoes, we also noted how easy they were to clean the dirt right off, which is what you want if you're spending £200 on a pair of predominantly white golf shoes. 

Should you buy the Duca del Cosma Dandy Golf Shoes?

If you're after a waterproof golf shoe that offers incredible style, comfort and grip, you will want to take a very close look at the Duca del Cosma Dandy golf shoes this season. 

While they are spikeless golf shoes, models which are more often than not best suited to summer rounds of golf, we would have no fear in recommending them for all-year round play.

They are at the top end for price, but if you have got the game to back them up, then we would highly recommend you get involved.