ECCO LT1 Golf Shoe Review

GolfMagic tests out the new ECCO LT1 Golf Shoes.

Lightweight design provided outstanding on-course comfort, BOA lacing system is an excellent addition, new midsole prevents foot fatigue
Aesthetics are potentially an acquired taste

ECCO LT1 Golf Shoes Key Features:

  • ECCO LYTR technology: combines FLUIDFORM technology with all-new ECCO LYTR Foam for improved cushioning and rebound
  • E-DTS NET design on the outsole: ensures exceptional durability and provides golfers with unrivalled multi-directional traction
  • BOA lacing system: allows the shoes to be tightened and loosened with the simple twist of a wheel



The newest member of ECCO's range of premium golf shoes, the LT1 is said to set a new standard for comfort and lightness. 

The shoes feature a new midsole foam called Ecco LYTR, which is used alongside the brand's renowned Fluidform technology in order to deliver improved comfort.

ECCO is renowned for making some of the most premium shoes on the market, with the BIOM H4 being one of the best golf shoes of 2023. 

To see if the Danish brand can deliver another knockout design, we took the LT1s out on the course to put them through their paces. 

Let's get into it.


ECCO LT1 Looks:

Slipping these shoes on for the first time, we were immediately struck by how futuristic they look.

The curved design and BOA lacing system give the shoes a very distinct silhouette, and that is only emphasised by the zebra-like strips of perforation on the upper.

The textured stripes run around the front half of the shoe and provide subtle contrast, which gives the design a very premium feel and look.

The primary colour of the shoe is off-white, with a brighter white used in the midsole and neon yellow featured on the sole. 

Personally, we are not huge fans of the yellow. However, the shoes are also available with a blue outsole, which we believe offers more shelf appeal.

All in all, the design is one that still has us scratching our heads. Is it an improvement on the BIOM H4? Personally, we don't think so, but is it a complete swing and a miss? Absolutely not. 

In all honesty, we can't quite decide whether we love the design or not, but thankfully, looks are very subjective, so our opinion is of little consequence to you.

One area, however, that this shoe certainly delivers is comfort, which is arguably far more important.


ECCO LT1 Comfort and Performance:

As soon as we put these shoes on, we were incredibly impressed by the level of comfort they provided. 

Soft, bouncy and lightweight, these shoes potentially offer the best out-of-the-box comfort we have experienced in 2024. 

Offering plenty of arch support and width in all the right places, you can tell ECCO's designers really did their homework when designing the shape of these shoes.

The collar hugs your ankle nicely, providing that locked-in feel that golfers desire, while the BOA lacing system allows you to effortlessly adjust the shoes to achieve your desired level of fit.


As previously mentioned, ECCO has incorporated a new midsole foam called ECCO LYTR, and it delivers exceptional energy return with every stride. 

You can instantly notice the level of added bounce you get from only a single step, and that sensation remained consistent throughout our round.  

Thanks to the lightweight design of these shoes, we also felt very little foot fatigue during our round, which was greatly appreciated as we walked in off the 18th green. 

ECCO claimed these shoes would set a new standard for comfort and lightness, and it's fair to say they have firmly delivered on that promise. 

In terms of traction, these shoes utilise an array of rubber nubs on the sole that are shaped and positioned to provide a good level of lateral traction. 

During our swing, we noticed no loss of traction; however, if we were to play in slightly wetter conditions, we would opt for a fully spiked shoe. 

With that being said, these shoes are fully waterproof, so if you were to get caught out by the weather, your feet would remain nice and dry. 

Throughout our swing, we did notice a touch more movement within the shoes than we would ideally have liked. 

Despite being locked in with the BOA system, our feet did rock side to side a fair amount, which is something that didn't happen in the FootJoy Pro SL/X.

If you are a golfer who really shifts it off the tee, then you might need to seek out a touch more stability, as these shoes do rock side to side more than you might desire. 

All in all, these shoes certainly deliver in the comfort department. Although we would have liked to see a touch more lateral stability, we believe these shoes will offer suitable support to the vast majority of golfers. 


Should you buy the ECCO LT1?

If you're a golfer who prioritises comfort, then the ECCO LT1 will be hard to top in 2024.

Thanks to the lightweight design and well-thought-out midsole, these shoes offer cloud-like comfort on the course.

While the design may divide opinion, we highly recommend slipping these shoes on next time you are in the pro shop so you can fully appreciate just how great they feel. 

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