The TOP five Cobra Drivers that golf fans have ever seen

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Sun, 9 May 2021
The TOP five Cobra Drivers that golf fans have ever seen

Club designer and former Australian amateur golfer Thomas Crow founded Cobra Golf in 1973 and after only two years of existence, the company created its first "Baffler" utility wood.

In 1985, Cobra Golf became the first US manufacturers to offer stock graphite-shafted woods and irons. The company has a rich and innovative history and they still produce top-quality clubs to this day.

These important dates in Cobra Golf's history represent how they have become one of the most popular brands in golf, manufacturing all types of clubs with creativity and revolutionary technology.

We have picked out five of the best Cobra Drivers that have ever been produced.


The AMP CELL came out in 2012 and it featured E9 Face Technology which improved distance and accuracy on miss-hits. The AMP Cell also featured MyFly technology which meant that golfers could adjust their driver to six different loft and shape combinations.


Rickie Fowler was one of the main owners of the Cobra FlyZ+ driver when it was released in 2015. It featured Cobra's FlipZone, where a weight could be moved forward to decrease spin and increase speed, or moved back to increase the spin and forgiveness.


The Cobra King LTD driver came out in 2016. It took inspiration from a material investigation at the International Space Station, as it features a Space Port window on the sole to generate a low centre of gravity. The Space Port consists of a 16 gram aerospace-grade aluminium weight and translucent port, which lets players see the inside of the head.


The Cobra King F9 features SPEEDBACK Technology, which for the first time in golf, combined a highly aerodynamic clubhead shape with a low centre of gravity. The combination of an aerodynamic shape and an engineered weight structure on the sole, improves club speed and creates the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball.


In the SPEEDZONE drivers, Cobra tapped into the world of super cars to optimise six zones of performance to deliver superb speed and distance. Every component from the internal chassis design to the exterior shaping was engineered to maximize power output. It features a CNC Infinity Milled Face, which enabled them to control face and leading-edge thickness.