Bryson DeChambeau once said there's no such thing as grain on a green

Harry Higgs has shed light on one of Bryson DeChambeau's bizarre theories at college.

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Tue, 10 Nov 2020

Bryson DeChambeau and Harry Higgs were once teammates on the men's golf team at Southern Methodist University, where the two shared lots of team success together and Higgs has revealed one of DeChambeau's bizarre theories he had in college.

It's no secret that DeChambeau likes to think differently to every other golfer on the PGA Tour and it's partly why he has become so successful over the past few years.

DeChambeau's one-length irons are extremely uncommon in the professional game, but the 'Mad Scientist' has become one of the most consistent players in recent years, helping him win his maiden major title at the US Open a few months ago.

Many think that DeChambeau could win back-to-back majors as he tees it up at Augusta for The Masters this week, as his new found speed and distance, combined with his much-improved putting, could be the secret to success.

In a recent interview with the Korn Ferry Tour, fan-favourite Higgs was discussing his relationship with "insanely talented" DeChambeau and shared stories of the time the two spent together at SMU, where DeChambeau would frequently get ripped by his teammates for always being the last one ready to leave the course.

Towards the end of the interview, Higgs revealed an interesting theory that DeChambeau once had, where he believed that there is no such thing as grain on a green. Watch the full interview in the video below:

It's of course a crazy theory and one that probably every professional golfer in the world apart from DeChambeau would disagree with and Higgs believes he can actually hear the grain of the grass when putting uphill.

Crazy theories aside, Higgs was clearly praising DeChambeau for his work ethic through college, applauding him for the amount of hours he would spend practicing and learning.

Higgs was asked in the interview why DeChambeau seems to get more stick for the way he goes about things compared to others and Higgs was eager to defend his friend and former teammate.

"I think Bryson has even said as much, a few years ago, you know those that are different get different treatment," said Higgs.

"People that think or do things in a way that no one's ever thought of, I think a lot of people don't realise a different way of doing things so they just kind of shun him.

"I mean Bryson is as good as he is because of how much he believes in what he is doing. There's no secret. He's insanely talented, he works really hard and he believes in what he does."

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