Golf fans REACT as a golfer WHACKS a pile of balls at the driving range!

You always see golfers of varying abilities on the driving range, but maybe not quite as bad as this...

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Sun, 27 Jun 2021
Golf fans REACT as a golfer WHACKS a pile of balls at the driving range!

There is arguably no better place to practice your golf than on the driving range as it gives you the opportunity to hit unlimited balls at your own pace.

You see golfers of all different experiences and abilities at the driving range as they all plug away to improve their own games in their own ways.

However, sometimes you may come across a golfer that is at the very start of his career in the sport and they may hit a few errant and wayward shots across the range.

But as you can see in the video below, this golfer is still in need of many hours of practice. As he takes his stance, he is hoping to smash his drive down the middle of the range, just like we all aim to do.

But instead of hitting the middle of the ball on the tee, he swiped down with his driver and hit the pile of balls to the outside of his mat. Golf balls went flying everywhere in what is a chaotic video.

Although it is not nice to laugh at people's misfortune, it is very hard not to crack a smile at this video, especially when you consider that the balls fly everywhere with other golfers in close proximity.

Golf fans reacted to the extraordinary footage:

"Yeah, that wasn’t on purpose or anything," one fan said.

"Should've taken another practice swing," one fan commented.

"How can someone concentrate that hard and be that bad. What a waste of time," another fan commented.

"Is this how to do it?" another fan said.

"Wouldn't let me tag myself lol," one fan said.