Golf rules: Can I replace my club if a crab snaps it?

Golf rules: A video of a crab snapping a golfer's club in Australia went viral last week. But what options does he have?

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Thu, 13 Jan 2022
Golf rules: Can I replace my club if a crab snaps it?

By now you probably all have seen the hilarious video of a crab intruding on a game of golf. 

Footage last week emerged from Australia of the nasty little critter destroying a club in a matter of seconds. 

Find out about the full story here.

The commentary in the video itself is downright hilarious. 

But it got us thinking, what exactly are the golf rules in this scenario if this was to ever happen to you?

Granted, it's unlikely to - but it's always nice just to be in the know. 

As it turns out, you actually have multiple choices of what to do here under the rules of golf. 

The first option a player has it to continue using the damaged club (why?) for the rest of the round. 

Failing that, they may have the club repaired or restored as nearly as possible to its condition before the damage happened. 

However, they must continue using the same grip, shaft and head as per Rule 4.1a(2). 

Or, under Rule 4.1b(3), the player may have their club replaced because the damage was caused by an outside influence. 

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