This greenkeeper is travelling 1,400 miles to deliver supplies to Ukraine

BIGGA member Bryn Roberts and a small team are travelling to Chelm to deliver medical supplies, goods and a 4x4 vehicle. 

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Sat, 12 Mar 2022
This greenkeeper is travelling 1,400 miles to deliver supplies to Ukraine

A Welsh greenkeeper is driving 1,400 miles to deliver supplies to Ukrainian victims of the Russia invasion.

Bryn Roberts is the deputy head greenkeeper at Padeswood & Buckley Golf Club in North Wales. 

He is a member of BIGGA and is part of a three-car convoy that is driving to Chelm on the border of Poland and Ukraine. 

They will deliver military-grade medical supplies and other goods, including a 4x4 vehicle and trailer. 

Roberts spoke to BIGGA abut this all, and he said he has taken three days' annual leave from his role for the trip.

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He told BIGGA: "What do we expect to see? Refugees, all sorts, we're not sure.

"I don’t think it's going to be a pretty picture and it will probably be pretty distressing but at least we've done something.

"If it helps a small section of the community then we'll be glad."

The convoy will travel from North Wales into France via the Eurostar. 

They will then drive in shifts with one person resting while the other drives through Germany, and Poland to Chelm. 

Once there, they will drop off the medical supplies and a brand new farm trailer donated by Ivy Jones and Land Rover Discovery that will be donated by Llŷr to the Ukranian army. 

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The Welsh aggricultural community has already come together with donations, with £13,000 raised so far viaa GoFundMe page. 

"The scariest thing so far is the driving, because it’s quite full on and we haven’t had much sleep," said Bryn, 44.

"But we’re fuelled on coffee and it was a chance to help my friend's charity. Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe, it's a massive agricultural country, so we're giving the trailer to a Dutch farmer who lives in Ukraine.

"We're going to leave that with him and then I'll be getting on a flight from Poland to East Midlands Airport because I have to be back in work on Tuesday."

For more information about BIGGA, click here.

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