Instagram video teaches golfers how to CHEAT their way out of bunkers

Keep a close eye on your playing partners next time they're in the sand, they might have seen this video...

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Thu, 15 Oct 2020
Instagram video teaches golfers how to CHEAT their way out of bunkers

A video has gone viral on Instagram where a senior golfer teaches people how to cheat their way out of bunkers, by throwing the ball whilst looking like you're swinging at it...

I've only seen one person throw a ball out of a bunker since I started playing and he didn't do it very discretely. Had he seen this guy's instruction video, he might have got away with it.

In a video posted on the Golf Gods Instagram page, this golfer shares his technique for how to cheat your way out of the sand! See it for yourself in the video below:

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No one will ever know!

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"How long until Patrick Reed puts this in play?" said one golf fan in the comments who just couldn't help himself.

Now if you're someone who does struggle to get out of greenside bunkers, we highly suggest that you don't start trying to copy this guy and throw your ball onto the green.

Instead, watch the video below, as PGA Professional Paul Babbage shares his top tips on escaping greenside bunkers first time, every time.

Paul's Top Tips:

1) Wide Stance: a lot of players take on bunker shots with their feet too close together as if they're hitting a chip shot, but you need a nice wide stance to help stay balanced.

2) Ball Position: another common mistake is placing the ball in the middle of the stance. Make sure the ball is lined up with the heel of your lead foot and aim to hit a few inches before the ball.

3) Body Weight: as you swing, move your weight through onto your lead side, which will help your club get through the sand and pop it into the air.

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