PGA pro exasperated member asked why range looking like this is closed

This PGA professional took to Twitter to explain that a member had asked why this muddy range was closed.

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Mon, 21 Feb 2022
PGA pro exasperated member asked why range looking like this is closed

If you are a member of a golf club then having a good relationship with your PGA professional is important. 

Afterall, you'll be seeing them every single week multiple times. They'll be performing a variety of duties and are vital to a club's success. 

They will be on hand to provide you with lessons, fit you for clubs, organise trips and events and order you equipment to name but a few.

The list of jobs that your pro does really is endless and the amount of work that goes in to running a successful shop is largely unnoticed. 

On Twitter, @secretclubpro is always at hand to provide some amusing content about life at their golf club.

Whoever he or she is, they do seem to come across some amusing exchanges with the members at their club. 

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This latest one at GolfMagic amused us. The dreadful weather in the UK has led to the closure of multiple courses for peoples' safety.

Of course, the amount of rainfall that we have had means that lots of courses and practise facilities have been closed. 

It was an absolute mud bath out there, but still - there's always one one member who will question why. This is sensational work:

Some other golden nuggest from the secret pro:

Credit/media: @secretclubpro

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