Renato Paratore proves you can play golf fast, and still play great

No-nonsense Paratore gets the job done at the British Masters with a minimum of fuss...

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Tue, 28 Jul 2020

Renato Paratore breathed some much-needed fresh air into golf's slow play debate at the weekend as his no-nonsense approach paid off with victory at the British Masters at Close House on Sunday. 

Time and time again - particularly out on the PGA Tour - we are seeing players push the limits as to what is an acceptable amount of time over a shot. There is no such fuss for the 23-year-old Italian, however. He sees the shot, lines it up, and he's away and gone within seconds. 



Paratore was seen taking less than 15 seconds (watch above) on the majority of his shots out on the course at Close House last week as he routed the field by three strokes en route to his second European Tour title.

Robert Rock, who finished tied fourth, spoke about Paratore's pace of play in his post-round interview last week...



Is Paratore too quick? Perhaps. But he is certainly proving a point to his peers that you don't have to take more than two minutes over a shot as we have seen to be the case from the likes of JB Holmes and Bryson DeChambeau in recent years. 

Who will ever forget when DeChambeau took more than two minutes over a 10-foot putt last season, before pacing out a 70-yard wedge shot during the same round. As a result, his slow play was met with fury on social media - watch what happened here.



We are not calling for every player to be hitting their shots within 15 seconds like Paratore, but we are certainly suggesting they take a good look at what the Italian is doing out there. 

Under Section 6.8 Appendix H on the R&A's Pace of Play rules, the maximum time allocated per shot is 40 seconds, with 10 extra seconds allowed for the first player to play on a par-3 hole, an approach shot, and a chip and putt - click here for the full ruling on pace of play.

The timing starts when a player has had sufficient time to reach their ball, it is their turn to play and they are able to play without interference or distraction.

Paratore could take an extra 25 to 30 seconds on his shots if he wished to do so, but more often than not, he just gets on with it. There is no faffing around and it's refreshing to see, especially when he takes full control of a prestigious tournament like the British Masters in the process. 

Paratore is not just quick, he can also hit it 313 yards with an iron...



Rounds of golf should not be taking more than five hours, and it's as simple as that. 

If Paratore played with another Paratore, the round would take less than three hours, and that is much more likely going to encourage new players to our sport. 

Be more like Paratore. See it, hit it, go find it.



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