Luke Donald Mizuno Masterclass 2

Make your practice goals even more specific, says Mizuno

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Tue, 3 Jan 2012

Without doubt Luke Donald is probably the best short game player in the world – especially from a few yards off the green, whether in the rough, from the fringe or even out of sand.

In my book he’d have given Seve in his prime a run for his pesetas.

Donald is far less flamboyant but no less clear in his analysis. I particularly like the end of this new clip from the Mizuno Masterclass series where he advises us to be even more specific with our practice goals around the green - not just somewhere within a few feet or even in the hole.

Why not, he says, aim for the shot to go in the left or right edge? Now that’s scary but one of the key reasons why Luke’s the best.

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