Something for the Weekend: Chip like Phil Mickelson

The 14th in our Friday tips service

Something for the Weekend: Chip like Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson takes over Something for the Weekend - our regular Friday series in which we offer a simple tip for you to try out on the course over the weekend.

Many golfers are able to get the ball 400 yards, from the tee to beside the green, in two or three shots - only to waste vital strokes by mis-hitting their chip. Here's a simple tip from the four-time major champion.

“In my book there are many ways to putt and many putters to choose from. But there's really only one way to chip and that's the hinge and hold method.

“Set up moving the majority of your weight on to the forward foot - in my case as a left hander that's my right foot but for most right-0handed golfers, it's their left.

“Position the ball towards the back of your stance keeping the hands slightly ahead of the ball, so you can play chip shot with the correct downward strike. Don't try to slide the club under the ball or scoop it in the air.

“Break or hinge your wrists in the back swing and keep them cocked hold them firm in the throughswing.

“It's the ONLY way to chip.

“By stopping your hands in the throughswing the clubhead will pass them and you'll hit the ball on its equator and skin it through the green.

“So HINGE on the way back and HOLD on the way through.”

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