You've hit a wayward second and you're stuck in very deep rough, is there a way out? PGA professional David Bown gives us his top tips on the pitch shot

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Fri, 19 Jul 2013
Step 3: Firm wrists

In the left photograph you see David just finishing his stroke after releasing the ball from the deep rough. Notice his eyes are still looking at the original ball position showing he kept his head down through-out the swing.

As the yellow line demonstrates, David has kept a perfect line between the club shaft and his left arm with his wrists staying firm and still slightly ahead of the clubface. This technique helps you hit the ball before the ground which is vital for this shot.

This is also the one shot where you have to give the ball a really strong hit but it doesn't have to be wild. A great way to generate this power is to bring your hips around where your body finishes facing the target just like David has done in this stroke.

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