Billy Horschel believes LIV Golfers received "bad information" when leaving Tour

Billy Horschel has been one of the most vocal players in the LIV Golf saga and he stated that LIV Golf doesn't meet the criteria for world ranking points at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

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Thu, 29 Sep 2022
Billy Horschel believes LIV Golfers received "bad information" when leaving Tour

Billy Horschel believes some players who moved to LIV Golf were given "bad information" and led down the wrong path by their own teams.

Speaking to Sky Sports at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, Horschel addressed the current debate on the Saudi-backed series gaining world ranking points.

This is a key feature that isn't available for the players who have left for LIV. Those with PGA Tour memberships have been suspended and there is uncertainty as to whether they will be allowed to play in major championships in 2023.

At the BMW PGA Championship at the start of September, Horschel said he didn't think LIV Golf players should have played at Wentworth and some of them only attended to gain world ranking points.

The American, who was part of America's winning Presidents Cup team last week, identified money as the main reason for players moving to LIV. Players such as Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Cameron Smith were reportedly paid $100 million and more to join the breakaway series.

"Right now, LIV does not meet the criteria to get world ranking points and it's a year or year and a half process minimum, the way it's always been," Horschel said.

"Down the road, we'll see what happens but right now, they're not having world ranking points. I'm OK with (that). Every one of those guys that signed the contract knew they may not get world ranking points and they factored that in it when they asked for the big signing bonus that they got.

"I think they all got some bad information from the LIV people and their agents didn't do a good job of leading them down the right path, or at least give them the full information.

"I think some of them thought that things were going to happen quicker and (were) reassured that things were going to happen down the road, but you know what, they signed for a lot of money so their bank accounts are pretty fat right now. 

"That's why the majority went because of the money, they didn't go because of world ranking points or anything else. They went for the money for the most part. Maybe some of them have some regrets, especially the guys that aren't qualified for the majors in future.

"There are some guys that are qualified for a while based on the way they played and won certain majors. You know what, they're living a good life. I don't fault them at all, I'm happy that they've made the decisions they've made, but they've got to understand the consequences of every decision you make in life and this just one of them at this point."

After Cameron Smith won the Chicago Invitational, Greg Norman uploaded an Instagram post asking how the Official World Golf Rankings could ignore players such as Smith and Johnson from the rankings.

Earlier this month, all 48 players who played at the Chicago Invitational signed a letter which was sent to OWGR chairman Peter Dawson in a bid to be granted ranking points.