Sir Nick Faldo takes dig at Greg Norman as he addresses LIV Golf rumours

Sir Nick Faldo has addressed the LIV Golf commentary rumours after he announced his retirement from broadcasting.

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Tue, 28 Jun 2022
Sir Nick Faldo takes dig at Greg Norman as he addresses LIV Golf rumours

Sir Nick Faldo has taken to social media to quash the wild rumours he’s joining the LIV Golf commentary team.

Faldo recently made the decision to retire from broadcasting. He has been a regular on telecasts calling the action since 2006.

The 64-year-old six-time major champ and CBS lead analyst’s announcement sparked rumours that Faldo was about to announce a commitment to broadcast for LIV Golf.

Yesterday, the full field was announced for the second $25m event from the upstart golf league but Faldo won’t be commentating.

“One thing that’s been talked about a lot of course is the 54 tour,” Faldo said, in reference to LIV. “And I thought I would just say, number one, I am retiring because of travel. I don’t want to travel.

“Number two, if I do call anything, I would like to call championship golf. And number three, do you think Greg [Norman] wants to see my boat race – my face – around for about 10 weeks a year or more?

“I don’t think so, so I’ll give you that clue.”

Can we just pause for a minute and reflect on the fact that Faldo is calling LIV Golf “the 54 tour”. He’s also implying that it’s not championship golf.

Faldo has absolutely not shied away from letting viewers understand how he really feels about all the LIV Golf drama. He absolutely tore into Brooks Koepka last week.

“And I’m really surprised at that, because I know when he’s out there, it’s a boatload of cash,” he said of Koepka.

“It’s also a boatload of mandatory personal appearances and that sort of thing they’re gonna be doing. I’m sure he’s gonna find that gets very old very quickly.

“And you know, the other very important thing is enjoyment. You’ve got to enjoy what you do in life. You can’t be standing on the golf course and thinking, ‘I don’t know the reason why I’m out here.’

“You can’t — you just can’t fake that. It’s an important thing in life to know what you’re out there for and you think, I love this, I’m really loving it. And I cannot see how these guys right now think it’s a serious challenge.”

He also said that it “irked” him seeing the amount of money in professional golf these days because in his day “we had to win to change our lives”.

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