WATCH: Brooks Koepka appears to have changed his mind over famous Tiger claim

Brooks Koepka appears to have changed his mind over his famous claim. 

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Sat, 27 May 2023
WATCH: Brooks Koepka appears to have changed his mind over famous Tiger claim

Cast your mind back to September 2021 and Brooks Koepka was a PGA Tour player and talk of a rival golf league financed by Saudi oil money was nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

Koepka was fit and healthy but he did famously turn a few heads with a bold claim in a Golf Digest interview. 

The then 31-year-old Koepka stated he felt confident he could catch Tiger Woods' mark of 15 major titles. Perhaps even tie Jack Nicklaus at 18. 

As far as Koepka could see it, he had 14 years left at the top of men's professional golf and believed he had the ability to pick off at least one year major championship a year. 

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"People misconstrue that as being cocky," he told the publication. "No, that's just my belief."

Fast-forward to May 2023 and Koepka is now a five-time major champion who decided to join the LIV Golf League

He's back with another claim. But this time, he has revised his initial target of matching Tiger. This time, it's just double digits and no talk of Tiger.  

Koepka told the media at LIV Golf Washington:

"I've always said double digits. I think I've said that a few times. But yeah, I don't think it's unreasonable. The last few years -- it was just kind of like last year, I felt absent from the majors, but even in '20 right after my surgery or '21, I was still contending. I don't see any reason why I can't. Your prime in golf is probably 30 to 40, so I've got another few good years in me."


Koepka also had an interesting moment in the first round at Trump National Golf Club. 

By the time Koepka played his fifth hole in the shotgun start, he discovered a crack in his Srixon ZX5 LS MK II that he had used to devastating effect at Oak Hill.

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The issue for Koepka was that golfers are not allowed to replace a club if there is only a crack in the clubhead or club face. 

Under Rule 4.1b(3), golfers are not allowed to replace clubs that they damaged during a round.

They are, however, allowed to repair a club and continue using it as a result of the changes made to the rule in 2019. 

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Koepka said of this: 

"I warmed up with it on the range, and then the hole I hit it on out here, it cracked. Thank God it cracked now instead of coming down the stretch last week.
"But yeah, I guess the rule is it's got to be significantly damaged or something -- I'm not sure what the wording is, but the crack was, I don't know, not big enough or not damaged enough, and then the toe started to kind of cave in on the end.
"Once they saw the toe -- I kept calling them in every hole because the crack was getting worse, and the toe you could tell it was doing that. It happens. I've used it long enough, especially if you're going to hit it at those ball speeds."

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