Golf rules: What happens if I hopelessly TOP my drive backwards?!

Golf rules: Hitting a decent drive is essential for having rounds of good golf. But what happens if my tee shot goes backwards and what are my options?

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Mon, 10 Jan 2022
Golf rules: What happens if I hopelessly TOP my drive backwards?!

Golf rules are tricky to interpret and understand, but they need not be. 

That is why we have got you covered here at GolfMagic. 

We feel it necessary and our duty to let you know about some hilarious things that happen on the golf course and what the ruling is. 

We've seen it all here and we're sure you have your own stories and interpretations too. 

This one? Well it's a pretty common one. It involves topping a ball off the tee with your driver. 

We've all been there. But this one is pretty darn special. 

Our player manages to top it not forwards but backwards. 

Let's give a gentle slow clap for that one. 

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Watch the video below

As you would expect, hitting your second shot when your tee ball has not gone forwards is not exactly inviting. 

But did you know you actually have two options?

Firstly, you are of course entitled to play the ball as it lies. 

Also, as the ball is still inside the teeing area (at least it looks like it in this instance) you can re-peg it. 

Surely that is the best thing to do in this scenario? 

You gotta take the medicine, no matter how badly it tastes. 

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Comments included

"Only option there is a breakfast ball." 

"Go back home. Make better life choices."

"Pull pants down. Play next shot." 

"To cry or die?" 

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