"It's ok to wear on the golf course, right?" Paige Spiranac poses a question!

Paige Spiranac takes to the golf course in a new collared golf shirt. But is it acceptable for the course?! 

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Tue, 23 May 2023
"It's okay to wear on the golf course, right?" Paige Spiranac poses a question!

Paige Spiranac teed up wearing a new collared golf shirt earlier today, and she wanted to know whether her fans thought it was fully acceptable for the golf course? 

Spiranac, golf's social media sensation with more Instagram followers than any other individual golfer on the planet including Tiger Woods, took to her social media channels this afternoon to pose the following question to her fans. 

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"I’m wearing a collar so it’s okay to wear on the golf course right?" 

If you would like to see more of Paige's latest pics from the course - and off it - you will want to head over to her subscription-only site, Only Paige!

"You've asked, I've delivered," said Paige when launching her new website. 

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Spiranac has previously spoken of times when she has been ridiculed and questioned by people over her choice of attire at golf clubs. 

Taking a closer look at the thread of comments to her latest post, and it would seem the majority are in favour of her new collared shirt. 

She recently spoke about a time when an old female golfer "berated" her over the length of her skirt on the golf course

Taking a closer look at Paige's new website and her content consists of the following: 

  • Unseen photos and video content
  • Golf instruction tips 
  • Sneak peeks into her everyday life
  • Live streams
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Paige recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and we took a look at some of her best moments and cheeky one-liners. 

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