Mysterious pictures emerge of Donald Trump on "golf trip" without his clubs

Donald Trump was pictured on his golf course in Virginia without his clubs, leading to speculation he was trying to meet privately with his lawyers.

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Tue, 13 Sep 2022
Mysterious pictures emerge of Donald Trump on "golf trip" without his clubs

Donald Trump is no stranger to the fairways, but he turned heads on Monday when he was pictured on the golf course WITHOUT his clubs. 

Rumour has it 45 was reportedly trying to meet "privately" with his lawyers at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia over his mounting legal problems.

Images from the Associated Press that have been circulating show Trump, 76, meeting with a group of men who are also without golf equipment.

One of the men also there was his 38-year-old son Eric, who rode shotgun with his dad on a golf cart. 

The group reportedly drove around the course and were snapped deep in conversation on several greens. 

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Trump also appeared to be pictured with his former lawyer Ty Cobb, who served in his administration for one year. Cobb later told CBS that he believes the chances of Trump being indicted are now "very high". 

However, Cobb told the publication that he believes Trump is more likely to be indicted over his connection to the Capitol riots and not the FBI raid. 

Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence was raided on 8 August. They claim they recovered a raft of documents that were classified. 

Michael Cohen, his former fixer who sensationally turned against him before he was jailed for lying to Congress, federal tax crimes and financial campaign violations, posted this:

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Elsewhere, George Conway, the husband of former Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, also took to social media after the images were published of Trump's apparently not-so-secret meeting. 

Conway noted that it "hasn't exactly been golf weather here". Then he made a few puns to twist the knife on Trump. 

"It's been arraigning — I mean, raining," he wrote. "I have zero indict — I mean, insight — into what's happening here."

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