Starter makes 150-yard Texas wedge hole-in-one then BARELY celebrates

Is this the most low-key celebration to a hole-in-one you have ever seen?!

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Mon, 7 Feb 2022
Starter makes 150-yard Texas wedge hole-in-one then BARELY celebrates

The odds of making a hole-in-one, we are forever told, are 12,500/1. 

That being said, given the odds being massively stacked against you, then it's only right you celebrate properly if you do find one. 

Run down the fairway? Jump on your playing partners? Give them a kiss? A hug? A high five? Pour beer over yourself? Whatever. 

It doesn't really matter, but this reaction, in our opinion, was absolutely priceless. Is this the most low-key reaction to a hole-in-one?

Maybe you could give it the old Andy Sullivan? Just keep on running like Forrest Gump? How good is that boys?! 

You've also got the classic Tiger Woods "raise the roof" hand gestures at your disposal. But this? Well, it was low-energy. 

Judging by the person's name tag in the video, perhaps this is the starter who is actually hitting this putt from roughly 150 yards?

Take a look at the video below

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The reaction...

Well, wasn't that a brilliant shot. The old Texas wedge from 150 yards. I mean just look at that putt. 

The ball takes a few hops and skips from the start then slowly starts to make its way towards the target. 

"This is a good putting hole," the narrator of the video says before it drops for an ace. 

They are playing at Bandon Preserve, on the 13th hole at Bandon Dunes. 

It is seen as an unwritten rule here that you putt on this hole. 

Best comments on the video included:

"Well that was a depressing celebration" 

"I feel like that called for more celebration" 

"Crazy lack of reaction"

"Why was that so awkward" 

"How are they not hyped for that" 

"If a ham sandwhich could laugh, the end of this video would be what it sounds like" 

"These dudes shoulda been flipping tables and pissing themselves" 

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