WATCH: Is this the BEST SHOT you've ever seen played into seriously strong wind?

A strong crosswind can be a scary factor on the golf course, but not for this talented golfer...

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Mon, 25 Jan 2021
WATCH: Is this the BEST SHOT you've ever seen played into seriously strong wind?

Links golf can be extremely tough at times due to the strong winds you're destined to face when playing next to the sea, but this golfer produced one of the best shots into wind we've ever seen on camera.

At first it looks like he's absolutely shanked one into the water as the ball travels so far left, it almost seems impossible that it's going to come back.

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But the left-handed player stares the ball down and it turns out he's played a beautiful drawing shot into the wind, which lands perfectly on the green and isn't far off from finding the whole.


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The video was shared across multiple accounts on Instagram and hundreds of fans flooded the comments section to have their say.

"I have this same shot except I start it at the flag and then it starts turning right," said one golfer, who's clearly suffering with the shanks.

"I was like: 'damn that’s me!'.... 'oh, nope. Nope it’s not. He has talent'."

"After seeing the tee height I full expected him to try something stupid."

"Thought he was one of us at first... but oh my what a shot."

"If that had gone in I'd have thrown my clubs away."

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