Bones on Tiger Woods' PNC performance? "Oh my gosh, it's a Ryder Cup year!"

Jim "Bones" Mackay was impressed with Charlie Woods' performance at the PNC Championship but it was really Tiger Woods that caught his eye.

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Mon, 19 Dec 2022
Bones on Tiger Woods' PNC performance? "Oh my gosh, it's a Ryder Cup year!"

Jim "Bones" Mackay was suitably impressed with the flashes of power displayed from Tiger Woods during the PNC Championship

Despite being dazzled by 13-year-old Charlie Woods over the course of the two-day father/son jaunt in Florida, it was really the big cat that caught Bones' attention. 

Bones knows all about Tiger's genius having been on the bag for Phil Mickelson for more than two decades, winning multiple major championships alongside Lefty. 

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He's now up close and personal with one of the best ball strikers currently on the PGA Tour in Justin Thomas.

Remember this flex?

Bones had a front row seat to one of the best golf rivalries we have ever seen and he left the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club thinking to himself that 2023 is a Ryder Cup year.

He couldn't, could he? 

Seeing Woods participate in the Ryder Cup might be too optimistic, given the grim reality of what the 15-time major champion needs to do in order to play golf even with a cart. 

This writer would be shocked if he managed three majors in 2023. What do you think?

Woods revealed the extent of what he has to do in his daily life before the PNC Championship to rehab his leg that was crushed by steel in his single vehicle car crash in February 2021.

Tiger sleeps with a boot on, making sleep difficult. The boot sometimes grazes against his left leg, causing a flow of blood. 

Asked about what he is doing, specifically, with his therapy, Tiger said: 

"I'm doing everything. I'm doing everything. It's frustrating because each and every day I have to do it, and then on top of that it's trying to sleep in the damn boot, it's no fun. My left leg is bleeding sometimes because the boot hits it. It's just annoying. It's one of those things that, hey, I'm grateful to have this limb and it's mine. It's not some fake limb. It's mine. And, yes, there are some issues with it, but I still have it." 

Speaking to the media after the PNC, Bones said: 

"As impressed as I was with Charlie. I was that much or more impressed with Tiger in terms of where he is."

However, he added: 

"Let's not put anything past the guy… I'm excited because I think he's going to come out there and make plenty more noise and give some of those guys who would love dearly to play with him late on Sunday an idea of what it was like." 




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Tiger also spoke of Bones shortly after Charlie trolled him inadvertently

Charlie suggested he was shocked with how well Tiger played on Saturday. 

Tiger chimed in: 

"I used to be good. again, it was neat to be able to roll back the clock for him to see what I used to be capable of. I was given some grief -- anyone that knows what I used to be able to do was Bones. Bones got a big kick out of that yesterday."

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