Stunned Tiger Woods shakes his head after Charlie inadvertently trolls him

Tiger Woods saw the funny side of this burn by his 13-year-old son Charlie Woods at the conclusion of the PNC Championship.

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Mon, 19 Dec 2022
Stunned Tiger Woods shakes his head after Charlie inadvertently trolls him

Tiger Woods admitted 2022 was "tough but rewarding" before he was trolled by his 13-year-old son Charlie Woods at the conclusion of the PNC Championship. 

It wasn't to be for the Woodses as they fell behind the pace needed in the scramble format at the father/son jaunt on Sunday in Florida. 

They finished six strokes behind champions Vijay Singh and his son Qass at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. 

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It will sting all the more for Tiger and Charlie as Justin Thomas and his father Mike claimed the bragging rights once again, finishing four strokes ahead of big and little cat. 

A short time after the conclusion of the PNC, Tiger spoke to the media where he reflected on 2022. 

He began the year in his Jupiter home speculating on whether or not he would be able to make it to St Andrews for the 150th Open Championship. 

Of course, Tiger wanted to play in every major but the home of golf was the one he was really targeting. It's his favourite course in the world, he has said. 

By the year's end Tiger had participated in three majors. He made the cut at the 86th Masters but struggled as the conditions worsened and the temperature dropped. 

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After that he made the cut at the U.S. PGA Championship at Southern Hills but endured a nightmare second round, leading to a withdrawal. 

Then there was the tearful moment at the iconic Swilcan Bridge in Scotland. 

Tiger reflected on this moment on Sunday, saying: 

"Well, it was a tough year but also one of the more rewarding years I've had in a while.
"I've had a lot of setbacks over the last few years, so to be able to have -- I don't know if as I was alluding to this summer, I don't know if I ever get back to playing St Andrews in a British Open, but to be able to experience that maybe one last time at this level was very special to me.
"That was my favourite golf course in the whole world, and if that was it, that was it, to be able to possibly finish up my career there, I don't know.
"That's one of the reasons why I was kind of emotional because I don't know if I'll ever -- I'll play St Andrews again. I'll play Open Championships in the future but I don't know if I'll be around when it comes back there again."

Standing alongside him, his 13-year-old son also took the opportunity to dagger his father when asked what he learnt about his fathers game. 

Here's the full exchange: 

Q. What did you learn about each other's game this week?


CHARLIE WOODS: "I feel like I already knew what he was capable of and then yesterday, that's the best he's ever played in a while, and that kind of shocked me a little bit. That's really it."

TIGER WOODS: "I used to be good. Again, it was neat to be able to roll back the clock for him to see what I used to be capable of. I was given some grief -- anyone that knows what I used to be able to do was Bones. Bones got a big kick out of that yesterday."

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Tiger will now spend Christmas resting his right foot after developing plantar fasciitis.

That injury forced him out of the tournament he hosts in the Bahamas, but he is already targeting playing in all four majors in 2023.

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Over the weekend there was flashes of brilliance. He played a few corkers and at times you felt as if it was hard to envisage the big cat not having a big moment again. One last hurrah. 

If only he could walk... 

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