Bryson DeChambeau might drive WAY LEFT on 18 at The Players Championship

DeChambeau contemplates the most BIZARRE line you will ever see down the par-4 18th at TPC Sawgrass this week...

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Tue, 9 Mar 2021

Bryson DeChambeau might drive WAY LEFT down at 18 at The Players Championship

If you thought the line Bryson DeChambeau took off the tee down the par-5 6th at Bay Hill last week was crazy, then just wait until what could transpire on the iconic par-4 18th at TPC Sawgrass this week.

DeChambeau, fresh off his victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, told the media ahead of The Players Championship that he is considering going way left off the 18th tee and sending his ball down towards the 9th hole.


"Oh man, I have thought about sometimes on 18 going left into 9," said DeChambeau, who wrapped up his eighth PGA Tour title on Sunday.

"But we'll see, with the stands and everything, if it's even worth it. But that's really the only one that I could see being unique and a little different of right now. There's really not another hole.

"It just gives you a better shot into the green, I think personally. Where you can just hit it a little long and you're always going to be okay. Considering if you try and hit the fairway out to the right.

"It's probably not worth it. I mean, the cover is like 310 [yards] but we'll see. I just look at all options and hopefully there's an advantage there, but if not then I'll just hit 4-iron down the fairway and hopefully an 8 or 7-iron into the green."



DeChambeau sent shockwaves through the sport last week when taking the boldest line you will ever see off the tee on the iconic 555-yard par-5 6th hole at Bay Hill during the third round on Saturday. 

The World No.6 ripped his drive 370 yards across the dogleg-left hole playing all across water, before taking it even further to 377 yards in the final round en route to a narrow one-shot victory over Lee Westwood.

DeChambeau would miss the fairway both times with his tee shots, and the green with his second shots, but he would still go on to record a birdie both times.