Jon Rahm has NO INTEREST in seeing his stats on the PGA Tour

World No.1 Jon Rahm on his putting woes: "I don't need to know that it's not going well."

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Thu, 10 Mar 2022
Jon Rahm has NO INTEREST in seeing his stats on the PGA Tour

Jon Rahm has no interest in seeing his stats on the PGA Tour to feel like he is improving ahead of this week's Players Championship at famed TPC Sawgrass. 

Rahm, who currently ranks a lowly 135th in strokes-gained putting and 177th in strokes-gained around the green, was quizzed in the media centre this week about what he is doing to work on improving his stats when it comes to the short game and putting. 

Only the World No.1 has no interest in that. Just seeing improvements in the changes he is making is all the World No.1 cares about right now. 

"So you don't need to see the stats to feel like you're improving," said one journalist.

Rahm replied: "No, not at all. You don't need to."

"I know the stats, don't worry, I don't need to know that it's not going well," added Rahm. 

"Yeah, I'm working on some stuff. 

"I've been working on changing some things, and sometimes things get worse, apparently.

"Stats are not everything. There's certain things I've gotten a lot better, but it's a combination of things.

"My ball-striking has been so good, as well, that if I miss two greens a round and don't get up-and-down on one of them because I left myself in a bad spot, the stats are not going to show that it's really good. So yeah, I'm working on things."

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Rahm also considers that the strokes-gained stats can be a little misleading, especially if the rest of the field is having a good week. 

"A lot of what we have is related to the rest of the field, so personally could be getting better, but if the field has a good week in whatever it is, in putting, it might not show as such," added Rahm. 

"If you're working on technique, like I said, you might be having -- working on certain feels and certain things that might be getting better, but it doesn't necessarily show in the numbers. But it feels better to you, if you know what I mean. It's hard to explain."

The short game and putting may be a work in progress for Rahm at the minute, but the rest of his game is certainly on point.

Rahm currently ranks first in strokes-gained off the tee and strokes-gained tee to green, as well as second in strokes-gained approach the green and third in strokes-gained total. 

The Spaniard remains out in front as the World No.1 but he can be caught by those around him in the top five this week depending on results.

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