Jon Rahm met a very special fan at the CJ Cup: "You've been an inspiration"

Former World No.1 Jon Rahm took the time to sign a very special autograph after the third round of the CJ Cup on the PGA Tour at Congaree Golf Club.

Jon Rahm met a very special fan at the CJ Cup: "You've been an inspiration"
Jon Rahm met a very special fan at the CJ Cup: "You've been an inspiration"

We have seen some pretty wholesome content on the PGA Tour at the CJ Cup this year, and it continued with Jon Rahm taking the time to sign a special autograph. 

If you didn't know, the reason why the Spaniard swings the way he does is down to being born with a clubbed right foot. 

It was in July 2021 when Rahm explained his famously short backswing before The Open Championship at Royal St George's. 

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Jon Rahm met a very special fan at the CJ Cup:

"I have certain unique parts and certain physical limitations that let me swing the way I swing,'' Rahm previously said. "And I don't deviate from that.''

Rahm was born with his right foot turned at a 90-degree angle to the left. He was casted up the knee after the correction procedure. 

"So I have very limited ankle mobility in my right leg. It's a centimetre and a half shorter, as well," he added. 

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"So what I mean by limitations is I didn't take a full swing because my right ankle doesn't have the mobility or stability to take it.

"So I learned at a very young age that I'm going to be more efficient at creating power and be consistent from a short swing. If I take a full to parallel, yeah, it might create more speed, but I have no stability. My ankle just can't take it."

He also explained that he has little mobility in his wrists, apart from being "hypermobile" in the bowed position. 

"I bow my wrist and that's how I hit it," he said. "It's little things that I think a lot of people can learn. Let your body dictate how you can swing. Simple as that."

Rahm, who explained this week he didn't know what Phil Mickelson was talking about, took the time to meet this couple. 

Just look at this moment with four-month-old Declan:

Rahm will begin the final round of the CJ Cup just one stroke behind Rory McIlroy. 

The Northern Irishman is attempting to return to the No. 1 spot in the world, a position Rahm occupied before he was dethroned by Scottie Scheffler. 

If Rahm were to win, it would be his eighth PGA Tour victory. Rahm is in good form, having won his third Spanish Open title two weeks ago at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. 

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