PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan has full backing of popular player: "He's a rockstar!"

PGA Tour star and Player Advisory Council member Joel Dahmen couldn't have been more complimentary of commissioner Jay Monahan in a recent interview.

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Thu, 17 Nov 2022
PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan has full backing of fan favourite: "He's a rockstar!"

PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen has pledged full support and praise for commissioner Jay Monahan, describing him as "a rockstar" and "super personable."

In an interview with the Fire Pit Collective on the Need a 4th podcast, Dahmen discussed a number of different topics such as Max Homa's recent baby shower, his relationship with his caddie Geno Bonnalie and life on Tour.

In a year that has tested the patience and resolve of the Tour, Monahan remained firm with his treatment of players who moved to LIV Golf. They were suspended and there is no route back for them.

Despite some calls for cooperation and consideration of LIV Golf's place in the sport's 'eco-system', the Tour has endeavoured to reinforce its status as the world's best by increasing prize money and tying down the top players in the world to more tournaments.

As commissioner, Monahan had to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic before the emergence of LIV Golf and Greg Norman becoming his equivalent on the other side, but Dahmen heaped compliments on someone he clearly sees as a friend.

"I think Jay's a rockstar. He's quick with a joke behind closed doors, he's open. He knows so much about each player, like he asks about how my wife is doing, asks how's my dog doing," Dahmen said.

"He got to watch some of the Netflix show that's coming out next year and he got to watch a rough cut of one of my episodes, I guess. He said such a nice note about that, I think he's just the best.

"You could argue about the business side and the politics - I don't really get into that much, I don't know, I'm not smart enough to figure it all out, so I think he is and the people who do all that stuff are doing fine.

"I think Rory's doing a good job. I'll let him talk, but Jay has always been super personable. I've got to go to a couple of dinners with him, he's easy with a smile and typically a pretty good joke and he is very aware and locked into what's going on with almost all of the players. I've been impressed with that part."

Dahmen, a one-time winner on the Tour, is part of the Player Advisory Council with the likes of Jon Rahm, Will Zalatoris, his fellow shirt-removing friend Harry Higgs and Patrick Cantlay.

Much like Monahan, the PAC has also been tested like never before since the introduction of the new Saudi-backed series. Although Dahmen downplayed his contribution to the group's discussions, he wants to know how the Tour operates as a business.

Ahead of the BMW Championship in August, McIlroy and Tiger Woods led an emergency meeting of sorts in which the key changes to the 2023 schedule were hashed out.

Dahmen didn't pass comment on what improvements could be made to the circuit, but the Tour has shown initiative on this front since the crunch meeting in Wilmington such as recent developments with the website and app.

"I am not (part of the main leadership). The board is the leadership and I am a guy who just sits in the room -  I pressed pretty hard for three years to be on the PAC because I thought if I'm going to be on Tour, I want to know how the business works.

"This is my job and I feel like I should know what's going on - I don't know if I've ever had this grandiose idea of what should be going on or how to make it better, I just want to understand it better.

"I get in the room and it doesn't really matter at all what I say or what I think, it's just fun to be in the room and when people start talking, there are some guys who are extra fun to listen to at times, and we get to poke fun at them after the meetings over."