PGA Tour Champions pro RUNS OUT OF BALLS and given two penalties in one round!

Rick Garboski ran out of balls four holes into his second round of the Hoag Classic on the PGA Tour Champions, but this was just the start of his troubles.

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Sun, 6 Mar 2022
PGA Tour Champions pro RUNS OUT OF BALLS and given two penalties in one round!

Rick Garboski was on the end of one of the most bizarre incidents we have seen on the PGA Tour Champions, or on any professional tour in the world.

Garboski is competing at the Hoag Classic this week and as Mark Calcavecchia tells the story on his Twitter account, Garboski ran out of balls on the 4th hole at Newport Beach Country Club.

He only had three balls in his bag and after he hit two balls in the water on this par-3 hole, Garboski had to borrow a ball from another player.

This led to a two-shot penalty and he had to drop back to the group behind because of the delay he'd caused. Garboski had to wait for the "locker room guy" to bring out some more balls.

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He was then administered another two-shot penalty for slow play. Calcavecchia told the tale very well and he found it funny despite Garboski's torture.

The veteran golfer eventually scored a nine on the par-3 4th hole and then he made a double-bogey on the hole after it. Garboski finished with a 9-over-par 80 to finish in last place after two rounds.

Despite probably wanting the ground to swallow him up, Garboski replied to Calcavecchia and admitted it was his fault that he didn't have enough balls in his bag to begin with.

"Calc. Can’t argue - it’s freaking hilarious. Total rookie move on my part. Bad combo of trying to keep a light bag - along with giving too many balls away to kids along the way. No such thing as bad publicity, right?" Garboski responded.

We have all had a round where we lose a lot of balls, but to run out of balls at a professional golf tournament must certainly be a despairing feeling.

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