PGA Tour pro causes a stir with ONE-HANDED chip

Graham DeLaet opted to chip with one hand at the Safeway Open on Thursday and it has received mixed reviews on social media.

PGA Tour pro causes a stir with ONE-HANDED chip
PGA Tour pro causes a stir with ONE-HANDED chip

The 2020/21 PGA Tour season got underway yesterday at the Safeway Open and it didn't take long for something to happen that had golf fans tapping their fingers away on social media.

Canadian golfer Graham DeLaet had gone round the front nine shooting a 2-over par score of 38 and at the 431-yard par-4 10th, DeLaet's approach shot landed in the rough just off the back of the green.

Facing a short chip to the pin, no more than seven or eight yards, DeLaet took a few conventionary practice swings, but then quickly approached his ball with one hand to take the shot.

Watch DeLaet's one-handed chip in the video below:

The result was fantastic as DeLaet came close to putting the ball in the hole, but as many of you will be aware, someone chipping with one hand is someone lacking confidence around the greens.

Even the commentary team were shocked with DeLaet's shot, as one member of the studio shouted "woah!" as the Canadian made his one-handed swing.

"Okay so he took the practice with two hands... obviously he's got some issues around the greens," said one of the commentators.

It's a well known fact that if you're struggling with the dreaded chipping yips, it's good to practice with your left hand (if you're a right-handed player) off of the club and take a few swings with one hand.

This allows you to let the clubhead swing and accelerate through the ball without getting stuck, which can cause those horrific fat or thin chips that you hate to see when you're so close to the green.

It didn't take long for golf fans to take to Twitter to talk about DeLaet's technique, as it's not exactly something you see very often on the PGA Tour.

"Well this warms my soul! I love it Graham. Ignore the doubters. Embrace the freedom it gives you and welcome to the one handed club!" said one golf fan who was clearly very pleased to see some one-handed chipping on the PGA Tour.

"Almost as ridiculous as that one guy that was putting with one hand. Until he realized it’s ridiculous," said another, who had the opposite opinion.

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